CycleParty: Like Biking, But Better

It’s hard to believe, but I actually convinced 14 of my friends to exercise with me last month.

Well, let’s use the term “exercise” lightly in this scenario. There was an electric assist, and the fastest speed was at 4 mph. Plus twerking and lifting food to our mouths counted as extra calories, right?

This method of “fitness” seems too good to be true, but it really isn’t. Thanks to CycleParty, a 15-seat bike that stops at various bars throughout Fort Lauderdale or Wynwood, attendees can pedal, sip their drink, grab food, and dance all in one ride.

Case in point: my experience in Wynwood. Our meeting spot was SuViche, where Pisco sours and sushi was the theme. After spiking our glasses on the ground (kidding, we were allowed to transfer our drink into the plastic cups provided), we descended upon the regal seats of our transportation and began to embark on a marvelous journey like no other. Being the classy folks that we are, the first song blaring through the speakers was none other than Cardi B’s “I Like It”. Uncensored, of course.

The ride to the second stop consisted of bell ringing, tone deaf singing, some cat calling, and a dad who gave the thumbs up to one of us twerking. The best part? His kid was sleeping in the car seat (Miami, eh?). Alas, we arrived at GKB, where even more food and drinks were ordered. But it was the third stop, Gramps, where voracious appetites made an appearance. Some got pizza, others bought Coyo Taco and someone else decided to look at the Wynwood Walls. But that was the beauty of the whole thing: everybody had it their way. Think Burger King mentality, yet more sophisticated and without the creepy mascot.

“I’ve never seen so many people eat on a ride before,” laughed the driver as we hopped on the bike, food in both hands. “You guys are pretty tame for a CycleParty.”

This, ladies and gentlemen, is where the plot twist comes in. After some Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Juvenile, the DJ at the time (aka the one closest to the aux cord) decided to play a raunchy classic. Only two of us knew the song while the rest laughed and eventually, sang along. The lyrics, enough to make a prisoner sentenced to life blush, were the foulest of the foul.

“Remember when I said earlier I wouldn’t judge you guys? Well, I’m definitely judging you,” said the driver, a mix of horror and amusement on his face.

Clutching our stomachs from strenuous laughing, we arrived at the final stop: the Butcher Shop. Here was a hybrid of a bar and, well, butcher shop where barflies can select cuts of meat to take home.

Beyond well fed, we wobbled to the bike where we finally departed to SuViche.

The consensus? It was a good time had by all. We ate, we sang, we twerked, we ate, we rapped, we biked, we horrified our driver, and we ate. I can only hope everyone’s CycleParty is just as successful.

CycleParty has locations in both Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Visit to book now.

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