You’ll Be Addicted to Food Junkies on Wheels

Southern Cookin’ Done Right


While the Deep South does so many things ridiculously wrong – confederate flags, incest, obesity, hygiene, literacy – when it comes to incredible cooking, they excel like SEC football. Southern Home style cooking is one of our favorite culinary genres. We all know the venerable Yardbird exquisitely serves it, but what if you desire a quick bite or do not want to spend over $50 chowing down on some appealing southern cuisine. Well, let us introduce you to the Food Junkies on Wheels, a kickass food truck that is here to satiate your deep fried southern hankerings. They have been slinging their addictive treats turning unsuspecting patrons into vein-slapping Food Junkies.

The truck was created by the brother and sister team of Hakeem and Michelle. They grew up in Richmond Heights (near Metro Zoo) and were enrolled by their mother Dawn into mandatory, in-house “culinary school” when they were only 5 years old. Dawn is one of those old school kitchen gurus who performs home cooking magic. They have taken her famous recipes and benevolently shared them with South Florida.

Their sexiest (and most favored) dish is Fried Chicken & Red Velvet Waffles. Take a moment and let that audacity sink in. It is a ravishing dish in both taste and appearance. The wings were skillfully fried so they were still moist and soft inside yet crispier than Colorado and Washington state students. The waffles are meant to be dipped into this angelic maple cream cheese sauce that captivates the taste buds.



Another one of their tasty offerings is Dawn’s Signature Sea Slaw. This elevation of the usual mundane coleslaw contains spiced up shrimp, crab, lime, pepper and sesame seeds. It is still sweet but with a nice tantalizing kick accompanying it. Chunks of crab and big ass shrimp are strewn across this harmonious balance of sweet and spicy.


Their Loaded Conch Balls are made with jumbo lump crab meat, shrimp and conch. It comes with what they call a Secret Hood Sauce, which was thousand island dressing with a little something extra, as well as a Classy Cocktail Sauce, ‘cuz you know the food truck industry is all about keepin’ it classy. These balls were crunchy perfection on the outside, yet soft and flavorful chunks of seafood and conch on the inside. Whether you want to admit out loud or not, you will definitely want these balls in your mouth.



We were induced into a severe state of “the ‘itis” after munching on the deliriously enrapturing Sweet Potato Pie that actually can make your nether regions kegel upon oral entry. It is insanely sweet but, oh my Lord, so freaking gratifying. We were bloated beyond belief but still managed to force feed ourselves half of this stellar pie.


After our experience with this truck we are definitely junkies now. The owners are sweet and put loads of Southern love and talent into their grub. We will be back very soon to try their Deep Fried Shrimp, 7-up Cake and everything else on their menu.

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  1. Loved this article. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to try to get some of our local food trucks to make some of this stuff. Lol.

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