Thailand Cruise – Phang Nga Exploration Majestic Cruise

Thailand Cruise – Phang Nga Exploration Majestic Cruise

Come experience the Real Thailand with me on a Thailand Cruise. The luscious natural wonders which truly make this place so special. Forget Bangkok and Pattaya and come sail away with me to the mesmerizing Islands off of Phang Nga coast that will remind you how glorious and special our planet is. Phang Nga Bay is a fantastic place with its enormous limestone-formations, turquoise water and pristine uninhabited landscapes.


Phang Nga Exploration offers many types of Thailand Cruise tours to witness our Universe’s beauty. One can go by canoe, speed boat or Junk boat. The regal scarlet sails ofthe junk boat called Ayodhaya are what enticed me to jump aboard. The wooden beauty with majestic red sails flapping in the Asian winds seemed like a dream.



The Thailand Cruise tour includes insurance, life jackets, transfer from/to your hotel, water and lunch (or dinner for the sunset cruise). The tour guides are experienced and fluent in English.  Guides are also available that speak German, French, Russian or Scandinavian.

I began my journey in the calm Phang Nga emerald bay in between Phuket and Phang Nga with a German family who were coerced into adopting me for the day. Us solo travelers are like orphans that latch on to other groups. Martin & Andrea were the flight attendant parents of the beautiful young daughter Kiara and adorable son Emma. They were an utter joy to set sail with. Intelligent world travelers who enjoy great laughs, beers and learning about our world.

I fell in love with this ship. The wood gave it this old school pirate vibe and I kept hurting my neck from getting lost staring up at the sails. The boat bathroom was the nicest I’ve seen in Asia, clean, large and even had a urinal.


The first magnificent scenery was a bunch of lush green mountain islands scattered across the bay intermixed with the facades of further islands. One can canoe under the shade of the eroded rims on the other tours.



We visited the famous James Bond Island on a long tail boat


as well as the incredible floating fishing Village of Koh Panyi.

Ayodhaya_Day_Cruise_10 (1)

After the village we came back to our Junk boat and had a solid lunch of soup, cashew chicken, rice, veggies, a whole fried fish and fruits. After lunch we jumped off the ship and swam outside the private Lawa Island before returning home.


The Thailand Cruise expedition was like a fantasy. The marvelous boat and sails, illustrious scenery and awesome German family made this one of the best cruises of my life (nothing will ever compare to the Groove Cruise though 😉 I highly recommend this excursion when you get to Thailand.  You can book your tour by clicking here Phang Nga Exploration

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