Thailand Beach Scuba Diving with Phi Phi Barakuda

Thailand Beach Diving with Phi Phi Barakuda Scuba

I fell in love with a rock, well a mountain to be precise, which turned out to be the island of Koh Phi Phi Leh (pee pee lay), which hosts Maya Beach from the movie The Beach. This is is the famous Thailand Beach.

phi phi

This Monumental Mountain island is beyond awe inspiring. It floors all by its sheer overpowering magnificence. It is surrounded by aqua blue water with an abundance of radiant and protected sea life living around it. It is uninhabited except for the daily influx of tourists who hang on its famous Thailand beach for a couple hours and then leave it deserted over night.

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I was intensely admiring this gorgeous rock as our boat pulled away before realizing it was the edge of the island. It truly moved me and enhanced my appreciation of this world and how lucky we are to live in it. After being so moved by this Island I had to dive next to her and I found the best company to take me to Thailand Beach to do it.

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Phi Phi Barakuda is a multi award winning dive center that offers both SSI and PADI courses. They have been providing quality dive trips and courses for over 20 years. I met Eddy who runs the place with a benevolent philosophy that wants things done right. I was overly impressed with his passion and dedication to using the best equipment and his thoughtfulness towards the dive trips, like having hot chocolate on board for low blood sugar in case people are too nauseous to eat.

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Phi Phi Barakuda limits beginner group sizes to 2 customers per instructor and experienced divers to 2 buddy teams per divemaster. This assures you get all the attention you need. They also stand out by using the best equipment. Dive computers for all student courses and qualified fun divers, 15 litre tanks for those who like extra air, long 3mm wetsuits as well as the usual shorty suits and 5mm dive booties and open heel fins rather than the full foot fins to prevent the chaffing and blisters which would otherwise occur.

They have a huge dive center that is packed, so make sure to book early if you want to go with the best to Thailand Beach to dive.

Check out a video of Phi Phi Barakuda to get a better idea:

My dive trip was splendid. I did 2 discovery dives and saw soooo many exoitc and beautiful fish. I even saw a huge sea turtle. I was also diving right up next to the precious Phi Phi Leh island and felt its enormous power. My instructor was adorable, the lunch and snacks were great and I definitely felt the specialized attention and the superior diving equipment. There are shipwreck dives available too. Check out the images in the gallery below.

If you are going to do one dive in Thailand, make sure to do it by the Famous Thailand Beach and definitely go with Phi Phi Barakuda for the best experience.

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