Sugar Factory Miami Review – A South Beach Sugar & Alcohol Party

Sugar Factory Miami Review- A Miami Sugar & Alcohol Party

Sugar Factory Miami has arrived on Ocean Drive in South Beach and dentists and endocrinologists are reveling in the streets. This spot takes sweets and (not literally) injects them with steroids. Sugar Factory Miami Beach has some superb milkshakes, martinis and desserts that hit both my sweet and party tooth. The place is also a ton of fun. The staff is incredible and the atmosphere is a mix of a chill adult birthday party.

Started off with the Chocolate Cookie Jar – Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream blended with Oreo Cookie Crumbles, Chocolate Chips, Caramel Sauce and Pure Melted Chocolate Sauce and topped with Oreo Cookies and Whipped Cream. Oh yes, a dreamy thick milkshake that was a delight to devour.

sugar factory miami south beach

Next up was the Peanut Butter Cup Martini – A celebration of one of the most well-known duets, the always tempting combo of peanut butter and chocolate does anything but fall short of its namesake in this mouth-watering martini. The peanut butter on the rim was a creamy nostalgic touch.

sugar factory miami south beach


Next time your sugar or alcohol craving kicks in, Sugar factory Miami will scrumptiously satiate both your fixes.

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