Semilla Eatery and Bar Review (Video)

Semilla Eatery and Bar is a cute South Beach spot that has been open for a year, that embraces organics. From the various herb plants in terracotta pots lining the walls to the uncommon cover band radio station, Semilla carves out its own unique niche. Semilla Eatery and Bar is run by the impressive French-trained Chef Frederic Joulin, who was most recently the chef at Villa Mayfair and prior to that was at a Michelin starred restaurant in Paris. He was even the personal chef to former French President Jacques Chirac.

Committed to keeping it light, diverse and organic, this new world, tapas- style cuisine is infused with both French and Latin flairs, that is meant for sharing. So, instead of bringing out a huge slab of meat you have to wrestle with to cut, he brings you out neatly sliced pieces of juicy and tasty fare that you can easily pick up and share. There is an open kitchen in the middle of the venue so you can watch (and salivate) as they prepare your food.

Semilla offers a $6 Happy Hour at the bar from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. everyday where local draft beers, creative cocktails as well as an array of tapas are available for only $6 each. On Fridays, happy hour extends to 10:00 p.m. and is a party complete with DJ. Try one of our faves, the Bonne Maman Lemonade with gin, lemon sour and blueberry jam. We can’t wait to go back and try the full list of cocktails.

Below is our video of Semilla Eatery and Bar review:

Semilla Eatery and Bar Review
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