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Roccos Tacos Outisde

Being that I am a fan of Mexican food I am always on the lookout for the next, greatest Mexican restaurant. On my list of new (to me) places to eat was Rocco’s Tacos and Tequila Bar. I was looking forward to giving their version of authentic Mexican a shot.  I asked my best friend if she was into trying out a new taco joint, which was no hard sell, so off we went. Sadly, “Mexican Food” has become synonymous with “Tex-Mex” in many parts of the country. What I love about South Florida however is that you’re sure to find someone, somewhere, that has a passion for bringing authentic Mexican food to the masses and has started up a little joint of their own.

Rocco's Wall Dining Room

It is rare to see that happen in the style of places like Roccos Tacos though – you know, bigger establishments, “the man” etc.  No, in Miami, an authentic Mexican restaurant might be sandwiched between a daycare and a hardware store or at a location only a privileged few even know about. To say I was pleasantly surprised when dining here would be an understatement. I really liked the place. The decor was fun but not too corny. The staff knew their stuff and the food was excellent. Also, Tequila!

Guacamole Made Tableside

Roccos Tacos does Table-Side Guacamole. That’s enough of a sentence. Heck, it’s enough of a review.  I could end this whole thing here and you’d have all the info you need. Seriously, you’ve never had it better people. The fresh herbs and spices, peppers, tomatoes and love that went into this guac made it amazing. Best of all, NO PEAS! The chips used for dipping  were dusted with a secret blend of spices that is apparently made in a separate location, shared with only a select few. Try to imagine the smokiness of chipotle peppers and the sweetness of cinnamon mixed with the delicious saltiness of  tortilla chips


You know how everyone thinks Ceviche is strictly a Peruvian dish? Roccos Tacos didn’t get the memo. This delicious Ahi Ceviche we had that night would have given any Peruvian restaurant a run for their money. I love how Rocco’s is not afraid to take advantage of a dish that is native to the coastal regions of Mexico, just as much as it is to Peru or other countries. They knocked this one of out the park. If you try it, keep in mind that you might get something other than Ahi and that is it sold at Market Price. Goes to show the freshness of the fish used. The sweet potato and plantain chips were a great addition.

Queso Fundido

The Queso Fundido can be found on the Antojitos y Botanas (Cravings and Appetizers) part of the menu. It arrived in a hot skillet in which it was baked. This was just as amazing as you would imagine melted cheese to be. It includes your choice of Carne Molida or Chorizo and is served with flour or corn tortillas for the gluten free folk like myself.


The Steak, Plantain and Black Bean Quesadilla (also under the Antojitos y Botanas section) is like your favorite quesadilla on steroids. Chihuaha cheese and roasted chiles are married together with the most tender steak you’ve ever not had to fight with in a quesadilla. The plantain adds a welcomed sweet note. These are served with pico, guac and sour cream.


One of my favorites was the Jalapeños Rellenos. Rocco’s version of stuffed, fried, Jalapeño Poppers are sprinkled with Cotija Cheese and cilantro then they get some lime crema drizzled over top. Be sure to dip these into the avocado ranch sauce. These were so good that I kept putting them inside of a corn tortilla and covering them with that Queso Fundido.


Molcajetes Carne stole the show. Molcajetes are Roccos Tacos version of authentic fajitas. The Molcajetes Carne includes chicken, skirt steak, chorizo, chile rajas and tequila, after all they are a tequila bar. These fajitas are served in this really cool lava rock bowl in which the meat was cooked and so it comes to your table piping hot. It’s served with pico de gallo, cotija cheese, guacamole, sour cream and flour (or corn) tortillas.


As if we hadn’t eaten way more than we could handle, our awesome server Kathy brought us a side of Churros for dessert. These were fluffier and larger than the typical churro one might be used to in South Florida, which only allowed us to enjoy them that much more. Drizzled with cinnamon-chocolate sauce and served with a side of vanilla ice cream, these churros were the perfect finish to an incredible meal and an amazing experience all around.

Bike Inside

Roccos Tacos became an instant favorite and I’m excited to go back. If you’re ever in the Las Olas neighborhood, make it a point to stop by for some authentic Mexican food. If you’re not, the short drive over is well worth it. You won’t be disappointed.

I’d like to give some special recognition to our server Kathy. She was awesome, she knew her stuff and helped guide us through the menu to make sure we would enjoy a great meal. Thanks Kathy, you’re the best!

So, anyone interested in trying out a new taco joint?

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