Relive The Magic of Electric Forest Weekend Two

Relive The Magic of Electric Forest Weekend Two

Electric Forest is, without a doubt, one of the most unique festival experiences of them all. There is no other place that so seamlessly brings together music, arts, community, and positivity. Although the Insomniac event continually brings the best artists up to Rothbury, Michigan for the 4-day (now technically 8-day) event, Electric Forest has so much more to offer than great music. From the wonderful people this festival attracts, to the hidden mysteries waiting to be found among the trees, it is nearly impossible to not have an amazing time over the weekend.With the expansion into 2 weekends, Electric Forest 2017 is going down as one of the best festivals I could’ve ever dreamed of.  Whether you hit up Electric Forest Weekend One or Weekend Two, you were a euphoric camper!!

This was my 3rd year in the forest. There’s something so magical about a community of genuinely kindhearted people who gather in one place. Foresters can truly interact and rely on one another in a positive and productive way. The intimate atmosphere alongside the top-notch production is something very original in the festival scene, and it’s something to cherish dearly. Ever since the first year I went, back in 2015, I knew I was going to come back every year as long as I could! Now I shall be going to both Weekend One AND Weekend Two of Electric Forest.

You leave Electric Forest with a yearning to go back, to just relive the weekend one more time. That feeling is what keeps everyone coming back year after year. And honestly, I was so happy to get the chance to attend two weekends in a row. It’s like my wildest dream came true.  This festival grows on you. Yes, it’s a music festival on the surface, but underneath it means so much more to the people who attend. It’s difficult to put into words how much gratitude I have for the genuine and kindhearted people that I’ve met through Electric Forest, but the mutual love and appreciation we all feel towards Sherwood Forest forms a bond that every attendee can share.

I was lucky enough to attend both weekends, and to be completely honest I’m not sure if I could do another two consecutive weekends of Electric Forest. With early arrival for both and a 5 hour drive home both ways, this year’s Forest was basically like a 2 week long vacation away from reality. It’s been about a week since we got back, and I still haven’t fully recovered from the madness. Now, while everyone wants to discuss the less-than ideal weather, I want to stress that no one can control whether the sun is out or if it is pouring rain. The team working the festival was definitely more prepared for rain showers the second weekend, having put down tons of sand to help deal with the mud within the festival grounds, but with a good pair of shoes, the weather was pretty manageable both weekends.


Now, let’s get to the juicy stuff: the MUSIC!

First Weekend (June 22nd-June 25th)

Weekend one was just the beginning of a crazy two-weekend music bender. Thursday night of weekend one kicked off with a couple of amazing sets from Above and Beyond and Claude VonStroke. The rain couldn’t stop us! If you were at Ranch Arena for A&B, you have to agree when they came on stage and the lights lit up the crowd and the rain started coming down, it was a beautiful moment. The next night was Nero, and basically the climax of my time as fan of electronic music. Hearing them drop Doomsday and Promises struck me harder than I expected it to, bringing me back to sitting in my bedroom at my parent’s house in 2012 and raging in my bedroom, way before I could ever imagine that there was a blooming community of people who loved electronic music just as much as me.

Saturday was REZZ day, and she came with an arsenal of bass for us. It was my 7th REZZ set, and the best I’ve ever witnessed. Her set was on par with Nero’s the night before. Overall, I was very happy about how the weekend turned out. Despite the less than ideal weather, the music was amazing, the people were ultra-friendly, and I had a great time bonding with my friends and family. My mother joined my group this year, and even she loved it! Now, both my parents are considering going in 2018. That just goes to show that Electric Forest truly welcomes anyone regardless of age, sex, or background. There is something for every person to enjoy at Forest.

 Second Weekend (June 29th-July 2nd)

Electric Forest Weekend Two had a number of the same artists, but different headliners and curated stages. After tons of rain the night before, we were blessed with a lovely, sunny, Thursday afternoon. Thursday’s best set was definitely Big Wild, but Cashmere Cat was a close second place. I don’t know if it was the spell that Electric Forest put on me or what, but it seemed like every single set I saw was out of this world. Like, some of the best music I’ve ever heard. I’ve seen both Black Tiger Sex Machine and Flume many times before, but their sets on Friday were undoubtedly the best performances I’ve heard by them. Impressed doesn’t begin to cover it.

Saturday was a rather relaxed day, we hung out at The String Cheese Incident for a bit. It was hilarious watching people get entangled within a seemingly never-ending string of yarn that was being passed between people. Stelouse really stole the show that night though. I was surprised that an entire band was on stage! I was expecting a mixing board, but got something so much better. The crowd was small, and everyone there was loving it. We were dancing our butts off, that’s for sure! Sunday was the best night in my opinion. I was at Tripolee all night long, from Minnesota to REZZ to Ganja White Night to Blackgummy to Claude VonStroke, I was in an absolutely euphoric state from so much good music ringing through my ears. REZZ, Claude VonStroke, and Flume ended up being my favorite sets of Electric Forest Weekend Two!

Top 5 sets over both weekends:

  1. Nero (DJ set) [1st Weekend]
  2. REZZ [1st Weekend]
  3. Flume [2nd Weekend]
  4. Claude VonStroke [2nd Weekend]
  5. Above and Beyond [1st Weekend]


Were you convinced to get married? Decrypt the Mechan 9 puzzle? Did you get a dog tag and get access to the Captain’s Lounge? Did you find the poetry brothel? Or did you find something even more conspicuous? There is always something new to discover in the Forest. If you haven’t, I would strongly recommend taking some time over the weekend and go exploring, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you may find. Feel free to share any funny or memorable stories in the comments! We’d love to hear how your magical experience at Forest was!


Experience your favorite sets from the weekend (again or for the first time) here!


Hope you enjoyed our review of Electric Forest Weekend Two! All photos courtesy of Electric Forest.

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