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There is no shortage of superb dining options in SoFi (South of Fifth in South Beach) and we finally made it over to Red Steakhouse and were severely impressed. Chef Peter Vauthy’s philosophy is that “we order and work with the best. If we don’t have what the world says is the best, we search for it until we track it down. We don’t deal with second-rate ingredients here.” We applaud this notion and can attest to its veracity after dining on Fresh Alaskan King Crab, Hawaiian Bluefin Tuna and Italian Summer Black Truffles at a recent #REDSocial media dinner. These elegant ingredients were procured from the finest vendors around the globe and were transformed into alluring and scrumptious dishes.

Chef Peter Vauthy of RED Steakhouse

Chef Peter is an awesome, funny and endearing character. He manages the Red Steakhouse twitter account, so you can talk some smack to him while he is preparing your food. We were able to sample a huge portion of the menu and were dazzled at the consistent quality and superb flavors across the entire meal. It does not matter whether you are a carnivore, pescatarian or even a vegetarian, because everything is fantastic and the menu spans across the entire food pyramid.  Below are some sexy pics to salivate over.


Fresh Alaskan King Crab Cakes made with roasted chiles, fresh herbs and house made mayo, slowly roasted and on top of RED’s corn salsa. This was amazeballs and is only served twice a year here. It is flown in straight from the Alaskan fishermen.


Di Stefano Burrata, made suave and velvety love with our mouths. The heirloom tomatoes and balsamic vinegar heightened the experience.


We brought a vegetarian guest (que eye rolls) and the sweety Chef Peter made her a special Four Cheese Stuffed Peppers dish that was freaking fantastic!


The Creamed Corn was addicting and one of the best we ever had. It is cut fresh to order and the corn cobs are cooked in cream. It is a simple sauté of corn and the corn cream, topped with cornbread crumbs.


 The Four Cheese Mac n Cheese  was a revelation. It contained four glorious Italian cheeses: fontina val costa, raclette, parmigiano reggiano and pecorino romano, with organic trottole pasta and house made mornay sauce, baked until golden brown.

RED_sliced_steak (1024x683)

 Both the Ribeye & Filet were sensational. They are Certified Angus Beef Prime and seasoned with salt and pepper and topped with signature steak oil.


RED Style Donuts are made fresh every day. Red let’s them rise like fluffy pillows and then frys them to order, drenches them in cinnamon sugar and serves them with chocolate, caramel and raspberry sauces. These were soooooo light and fluffy.

We had one of our best meals in Miami at Red Steakhouse and can not wait to go back to try Chef Peter’s Winter White Truffle menu. Thank you Chef for rocking our palates!

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Red, The Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

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