Quinto La Huella – Serving Over 25 Chilled and Vegetarian Dishes

Quinto La Huella – Serving Over 25 Chilled and Vegetarian Dishes

Quinto La Huella is modeled on the owners’ successful restaurant in Uruguay, Parador La Huella. Importing the value system of Farm-to-Table supply-chain, every ingredient is sourced with care and quality for ethos and flavors. This buffet is a smorgasbord of mostly vegetarian, some seafood, and a plate of thinly sliced beef or turkey. Keep in mind all the dishes were served chilled or room temperature. I tried a little of everything. Here are some of my favorite pickings. The shrimp were large and tangy. The roasted vegetables were rustic, served as if picked straight from the ground. The beets were plump and juicy. The squash delicious, thickly cut and moist like butter.

Chefs: Nano Crespo, Alejandro Morales, Florencia Courrèges
Cuisine: Uruguayan
Reason for going: A new Chef’s Table lunch buffet. Launched six months ago. This power lunch is quick and easy for any local Brickell office worker. Serving is from noon to 3 pm. Cost is $21.

Plates full of food
Quinto La Huella Plate

Quinto La Huella Plate

The Buffet Selections:

Salads: Arugula, Green Salad. Vegetables: Wood Oven Root Vegetables, Roasted Sweet Potato, Potato Dijonnaise, Roasted Fennel, Piquillo Peppers, Marinated Artichokes, Heirloom Tomato, Castelvrano Olives, Beets & Herbed Goat Cheese, Asparagus Mimosa. Grains: Red Quinoa, Garbanzo Bean, Ferro Salad, Couscous. Boiled Eggs. Meats: Picana, Matambre, Turkey. Cheese: Pecorino, Herbed Goat Cheese, Flan-shaped Cheese. Seafood: Octopus & Shrimp Escabeche, Mahi Mahi Tiradito, Fire Island Oven Salmon, Boquerones, Swordfish Ceviche, Salmon Poke. Munchies: Herbed Flat Bread, Fainá, Cracker Bread

The Space:

Select your desired floor on the all-touchscreen iPad style elevator button panel display to the 5th floor. Seeing this for the first time was quite impressive, it’s sleek and modern inside the elevator and it’s completely autonomous, there are no buttons inside. The doors open and you are right there at the restaurant. Stepping off the elevator I was greeted with a long horseshoe bar counter. Directly to my left and right are enormous low wooden cocktail tables with deep, rustic, armless couches with pillows and chairs, some with backs and some that are ottomans.

Other dining table feels like sitting on a beach with polished wood tables and cushiony wide chairs. The walls are painted like a stone with grains of gray and orange. Both the floor and ceiling are birch color wood. The whole place had a warm beachfront cottage feel complete with a dark wood upright piano. There are several layers of private and semi-private spaces to choose from.

Quinto La Huella Bar

The outdoor seating is not to be missed with an assortment of small trees and plants surrounding the area like I’m in a secluded secret garden. The weather protection is provided by a modern wood frame trellis with frosted glass/canvas to let the soft light shine. This place does not look big but as I walk around, I find another secret bar room. Everything is made of wood, from the bar, bar stools, walls, ceiling and floor. This is where the heart of their kitchen lies. At the center is a unique fire cooking method with an open wood fire grill-oven that you can look right into while seated at the bar. Behind me are several rows of floor-to-ceiling chilled wine racks.

Quinto La Huella Indoor Seating Buffet Table

After you have your supper check out the outdoor pool deck. There are several trapezoid shape pools clustered together with gray stone walkways in between acting like a thick outline. If viewed from above one can picture it like a Britto painting. The stone morphs into an unfinished concrete exterior wall punctured with different size holes. The architectural featured are two large concrete tapering columns holding up the corner of the building. Overall it was a great dine in a well designed space!

For Reservations:

Address: 5/F, EAST, Miami, 788 Brickell Plaza, Miami, Florida 33131
Phone: 786-805-4646
Daily Breakfast: 7am-11am
Lunch: Mon to Sat 12pm-4pm
Dinner: Tues to Sat 6pm-12am
Dinner: Sun & Mon 6pm-11pm
Sunday Brunch: 12pm-4:pm
Daily Lounge Menu: 11am-12pm & 4pm-6pm
Lounge Menu: Thurs to Sat 12am-1am
Email: dine@quintolahuella.com
Website: http://www.quintolahuella.com/


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