Pilo’s Street Tacos Review – Authentic Mexican Cuisine with an Edge

Pilo’s Street Tacos Review – Authentic Mexican Cuisine with an Edge

By Elise Rodriguez – Publicist by day and blogger for Glam Piece by night… and weekends.

What do you find you mix authentic Mexican cuisine, a quaint hole-in-the-wall location amidst Miami’s booming financial district, and an aesthetic that makes you feel like you’re inside Disney’s Coco? Pilo’s Street Tacos – one of the most promising Mexican restaurants I’ve seen pop up in Miami in a minute.

Located in the heart of Brickell, Pilo’s was born out of a longing for authentic Mexican street food. Owner Derek Gonzalez, an entrepreneur and financial advisor, is a first generation Mexican-American that travels to DF (Mexico City, Distrito Federal) frequently. But Derek wanted to bring that authentic Mexican flavor to his home in Miami.

“My first stop off the plane is always to eat tacos with my family,” said Derek. “Now, at Pilo’s, we can all have those same street tacos without the plane ride.”

I got to try out the spot last week and was blown away by its entire vibe. While it is located in busy Brickell, Pilo’s is cutely tucked away to make the dining experience feel like an intimate occasion. Derek has certainly made an effort to make the spot feel like a home away from home for himself, his staff and his guests.

After taking a few snaps of the colorful aesthetic, it was time for me to try some tacos. And let me tell you… these bad boys do not disappoint. After trying more options from the menu than I’d like to admit and leaving very full and very happy, here are my top five eats and treats from Pilo’s Street Tacos.

5. La Juana

La Juana dish at Pilo's Street Tacos

If you love cheese (and who doesn’t), this is the taco for you. La Juana is a flour tortilla sandwich filled with Pilo’s yummy marinated brisket and melted queso. I would have settled for just the melted queso, but the whole combo is even better.

4. El Miguelito

El Miguelito dish at Pilo's Street Tacos

El Miguelito is a must-try if you’re going to visit Pilo’s. Featuring the restaurant’s original flavorful chargrilled Arrachera skirt steak with cilantro and white onion, this taco hits all the taco necessities. Savory? Check. Salty? Check. I’ll have another order, please.

3. La Pilo

La Pilos dish at Pilo's Street Tacos

La Pilo is for those who like to juxtapose sweet and savory. Featuring thinly cut pork garnished with onion, cilantro, and zesty pineapple, this taco was an unexpected and refreshing option.

2. Flauta 305

While this dish isn’t a taco, it’s definitely a treat for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. The dish is a rolled up, fried tortilla containing spicy chipotle, lettuce, cotija queso, avo crema, salsa verde and the star of the dish… hibiscus. And it’s damn good! Guys, I didn’t even know you could eat hibiscus, but I’m all about including this light, colorful flower in my diet now.

1. Los Churros

Los Churros dish at Pilo's Street Tacos

Could I really leave without having dessert? OF COURSE NOT! I finished my tasting with Los Churros. But Pilo’s churros aren’t your average Mexican style donuts. Fried to perfection, these delicious treats are covered in cinammonsugar and have cajeta on the side. The two dipping sauces won’t leave you disappointed either!

These are just a few items from the menu, which features a changing selection of over 15 tacos, flautas, appetizers, desserts, and even a whopping 10 signature salsas. If you’re trying to grab a quick bite for lunch or are even looking for a late-night spot after hitting the town, Pilo’s Street Tacos is well worth the visit.

Pilo’s Street Tacos is located at 28 SW 11th St, Miami, FL 33130.


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