Pharmacy Orlando Review – Speakeasy Vibes on Restaurant Row

Pharmacy Orlando Review – Speakeasy Vibes on Restaurant Row


Situated in Restaurant Row’s Dellagio plaza is an antique-looking elevator. Blink and you may miss it; but if you pay attention to the oft-opening door, you’ll notice there is no waiting elevator cab within. In fact, you are more than likely to encounter a lively crowd inside, eating and drinking their cares away. Welcome to Pharmacy Orlando: a speakeasy-style eatery with strong cocktails and a vintage, welcoming atmosphere.


Pharmacy Orlando


Starting out with some “prescriptions” (Pharmacy cocktails), I was immediately drawn to the Papa Oaxaca. Sitting on top of the conconction is a ghost pepper lollipop to dip and stir. It was a perfect pairing with the spicy mezcal – not to mention a cool concept (who doesn’t like a lollipop?!). My guest, who tends to play on the whiskey side of the tracks, opted with a safe Pharmacy Old Fashioned. Three drinks later, however, I think it’s safe to say it was a solid choice on their part.


Pharmacy Orlando

Papa Oaxaca and Pharmacy Old Fashioned.


Pharmacy Orlando specializes in what I always like to call “funky comfort” food: taking tried-and-true classics and mixing them up a bit, with new trends and popular flavors. The massive Greenhouse Salad – shown below, actual size – is proof that Pharmacy does it well: a mix of kale and romaine, served up with fresh garlic cloves and a green goddess-style caesar dressing. The dressing was especially noteworthy, and they would probably be successful selling it by the bottle.


Pharmacy Orlando

Greenhouse romaine & kale green goddess caesar.


The Pharmacy Macaroni & Cheese (headline photo) was truly dreamworthy. I have thought of it since, frequently. Covered with sauteed, al dente mushrooms and smothered in varying cheeses, herbs, and breadcrumbs, this thing is liable to put one straight to bed. Rich and creamy, with the perfect ratio of pasta to cheese (extremely important in a restaurant mac!), this was easily my favorite thing on the menu this time. It likely will remain there, unless my next visit proves me wrong.

We also decided to split the short rib tacos, which unfortunately go the short end of the stick (we didn’t expect the pasta to be so big). However, the beef was tender and simply seasoned, with lots of yummy add ons: pickled red onions, salsas, queso fresco – a few of my favorite things.

Pharmacy Orlando

Sous Vide boneless beef short rib tacos. 


Pharmacy Orlando also has some noteworthy events going on this month. On National Tequila Day, Tuesday, July 24, be sure to stop by and ask for Mixologist Dominick’s “Secret Tequila Menu,” available that day only and featuring four new specialty cocktails at $12 each. Based on feedback, they may vote them in as cocktail menu mainstays!

  • Pancho & Lefty– For those bandits on the run
    • Xicaru Mezcal, Rx Chipotle Tincture, Contrato Bitters, Triplum, Lime Juice, Basil and Egg White
  • One Hell of a Night– Don’t ask why but after this, anything is possible
    • Tequila, Sfumato and Tart & Sour
  • Ranch Water– Feeling some Austin, Texas summer vibes
    • Dobel, Topo-Chico and Lime Peel
  • Tequila Sunset– Transporting you back to the 70s with sweet and spicy flavors
    • Pineapple Washed Jalapeño Infused Dobel, Luxardo Bitters and Sous Vide with Bone Marrow


Also, on Saturday, July 28, head into Pharmacy for their “Chopped Cooking Challenge“! She just loves showing you around the kitchen… Join Chef Loren Falsone from 1-4PM for Pharmacy’s Chopped Challenge, round two! $60 enters you into a cooking contest where two teams of six will compete against each other crafting dishes using a mystery ingredient basket for prizes. Post-competition, you’ll enjoy your creation with libations carefully paired to your dish by house mixologist Dominick Tardugno. Limited spots available, so book yours below at:


Pharmacy Orlando is located at 8060 Via Dellagio Way in Orlando, and is open Tuesday-Saturday beginning at 5pm. 


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