Pao Restaurant at Faena Hotel – One of Miami’s Best Restaurants

Pao Restaurant at Faena Hotel – One of Miami’s Best Restaurants

There is something exceptional in the air at the Faena Hotel. There is this intoxicating energy that imbues one with feelings of regal and enticing sexiness. Walking through the doors and into this haven of plush indulgence seems to elevate the resort’s patrons. We visited Pao and the ambiance was exalting, the service impeccable and the food was beyond exceptional!!

Faena  is our favorite hotel in Miami, between the mesmerizing shows. Resplendent spa, poignant live music at The Living Room and the coolest Art Basel installations, we are in love with Faena! Pao by Paul Qui at the Dome is a a bit of an enchanting culinary experience. Pao is the James Beard Foundation Award winner’s first foray outside of Texas. He brings Philippine influenced cuisine to Miami and it feels as if we were dining in a exquisite Unicorn palace.


Pao by Paul Qui at the Dome offers an extensive menu with dishes influenced by Chef Qui’s wide-ranging inspirations, and is a uniting of international styles including Filipino, Spanish, Japanese and French. Designed by Alan Faena, the restaurant is located in The Dome, which is avant-garde in its design, a highly modern sphere with ocean views overlooking the courtyard of the hotel.   The interior of the restaurant features gold leaf walls and a patterned gold leaf design on the ceiling of the dome, while the floors feature a herringbone wood pattern surrounded by white marble.

Providing contrast to the sleek space will be organic materials and natural elements— including walnut wood tables, dark brown leather banquettes and mid-century style chairs with black leather seats.    Chef Qui’s dishes are served on custom designed hand-thrown stoneware plates by Jono Pandolfi, as well as gold flatware and wood service ware.

Paul Qui is one of the most formidable young talents in the North American culinary world. Born in Manila, Philippines, Paul was trained in classic French and Japanese cuisine. His approach is modernist and he is a master at marrying classical technique with local flavors and influence. Qui is the chef/owner of his flagship restaurant, qui, as well as the co-founder and chef/owner of East Side King, a group of Asian-inspired street food trailers and restaurants in Austin, Texas.


Start with the a fairy tale libation served of course in a sexy copper unicorn. She’s adorable, delectable and you won’t be able stop staring at her. It is definitely on the sweet side, but as you know most Unicorns are…

Image result for pao sea urchin

Commence your captivating feast with the the Unicorn Sea Urchin with Grilled Sweet Corn Pudding, Kalamansi, Chile de Árbol & Sake Aiol. It is is a gift for the eyes and mouth. Perfectly balanced and ever so creamy, you shall want to savor every last lick.


We loved the East Side King Fried Chicken – Sweet Chili Sauce, Roasted & Banana Ketchup. The crispy chick is tenderly juicy & celestially paired with a stellar sauce called banana ketchup. Take a whiff before you pop in your mouth and pair it with the terrific Riesling for a potent Winegasm.


The 8oz Smoked Shortrib Asado 72-Hour Wagyu Beef, Atchara, Seasonal Pickles, Japanese Sweet Potato Purée was supple, juicy and memorable. The meat is so suave from the 3 day smoke bath it takes and has a crisp black crust for added texture. One of the best short ribs we have had in a long time.


The best bite of the night for me was the Japanese Sweet Potato Puree!  Upon lucky occasions you sample something that just captivates your mouth and this was one for me. So creamy and smooth with a profound deepness that made me purr. I had it plain, with the short rib, which it greatly enhanced and kept savoring this dish until the very last iota was coating my palate.

Photo of Pao by Paul Qui - Miami Beach, FL, United States

This Roasted Fish with Cilantro, Chili “Patis,” Garlic-Ginger Rice was one of the best I ever had!!  Twas mind boggling succulent and delectable, but you have to save room for dessert,,,,

The Coffee Cremeux Bahibe Chocolate Cake, Cocoa Nib Crisp, Baileys Toffee is composed of intoxicating textures that might need you ordering two. Be warned, this cake is ridiculously addictive!

The pretty Coconut Shell Cocoa Dirt, Avocado Banana Cream Exotic Fruit, Lemongrass Ice Cream is a lighter option for people who do not love chocolate that was also quite good. If you only have room for one, we highly demand the chocolate.

With too many options to eat out splendidly in Miami, Pao makes it an easy choice. The cuisine, ambiance, location and service easily makes this one of the best restaurants in Miami!!






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