Australia’s McPherson Wine Co. leaves a lasting impression

Australia’s McPherson Wine Co. leaves a lasting impression

By Jack S. McDonald

McPherson Wine Co. is an Australian based company whose vineyards reside in Victoria, Australia. The tasting that took place at Frankie’s Bar in West Hollywood was an intimate and lovely soiree. In an effort to spread the word about their affordable and delicious wines, McPherson hosted their tasting in the Young & Free Lounge at EP & LP just off of Melrose.

McPherson Wine Co Frankies Bar Outside

Each wine was carefully paired with a delectable appetizer made in the kitchen of the hosting venue. As tasters mingled around the lounge discussing the tannins and legs of their libations, they were able to read a helpful chart next to each wine. They showed where the grapes had come from, what the wines paired best with, the different flavors found in each, and what reasonable prices these delightful Aussie wines could be found for here in The United States.

McPherson Wine Co Logo

Many people often liken an Australian wine to a Caribbean-esque climate. This is just one of the many ways that McPherson Wine Co. differs from the competition. Their winery found in Victoria is a much colder climate which helps to produce more tart fruit flavors in each wine and preserves the acidity of the grapes as well. This gives a unique piquancy to each of the wines offered.

Now as we move on to my own impressions of each wine, it should be said that I’ve only been drinking alcohol for about a week having just turned twenty-one quite recently. I say this in an effort to explain my somewhat unorthodox way of describing what I enjoyed in each wine.

McPherson Wine Co White Wine and Short Rib Lettuce Wrap

The Pinot Gris offered a light and playful aroma that made for a refreshing palate cleanser. It was the type of wine that you could drink anywhere and at any point during a meal. It was incredibly helpful in calming the intense explosion of flavor in the short rib lettuce wraps offered with it.

While sipping the Pinot Noir, you are surprised by the welcoming tartness of it, which does not last long. However it does leave you wanting another sip as the different tones in its present them in each sampling.

McPherson Wine Co Red Wine Chicken Sandwich Slider

My favorite red of the night was the Cabernet which had a perfect amount of tannins that allowed the notes of almost chocolate and berry to sit pleasantly on your tongue a time after sipping it. A slight smoky aroma was also present when sniffing this red. It paired wonderfully with a chicken sandwich slider that had a slightly spicy aioli which complimented the paprika and onion in the breading of the chicken.

McPherson Wine Co Products

Overall, the McPherson Wine Co. has been making their product with love and a family owned type of care that is quite obvious when sampling these wines. For under twenty dollars at most American retailers, these wines outshine their modest price. With each wine offering a wonderful array of flavors that is sure to please even the pickiest connoisseur, I can’t recommend them enough.

McPherson Wines
6 Expo Court
Mount Waverley, VIC, 3149
T: +61 (0) 3 9263 0200
F: +61 (0) 3 9263 0250


603 N La Cienega Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069
ph. 310 855 9955

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