LT Steak and Seafood Review – A Tour de Surf and Turf

LT Steak and Seafood Review – A Tour de Surf and Turf

LT Steak and Seafood

LT Steak and Seafood offers a conglomerate of expertly prepared variations of steak, seafood, and side fixings suitable to make a meal of themselves. Located within The Betsy Hotel, LT Steak and Seafood is right in the heart of Miami Beach, located on Ocean Drive. Trust me when I say, there’s no time for people watching on Ocean Drive when you can’t take your eyes off these visually tantalizing dishes curated by award winning chef, Laurent Tourondel.

Lemon Poached Lobster Salad

The first dish that graced my tastebuds that evening was the Lemon Poached Lobster Salad. Saving the best for last is no such thing here, the Lobster Salad was a work of art in itself. The salad burst with color, including crispy kale, which gave me a legitimate reason to like kale (I’ve been searching for one since the kale craze hit). With this I had the Miami Margarita, a luscious libation consisting of tequila, jalapeño, orange bitters, and a twist of kiwi to waken things up. I loved the unique intertwining of jalapeño and kiwi in this lovely concoction, do try!

LT Steak and Seafood - Parmesan Truffle Fries

The Hand-Cut Parmesan Fries are a classic must-have side when dining at LT Steak and Seafood. They are simply perfect to munch on, plus they come with a side of amazing garlic truffle aioli. This aioli came in handy with the rest of my meal, as I frequently get lost in the sauce, meaning I tend to try it in combination with everything. Foodies can be alchemists too.

LT Steak and Seafood - Steak

The steak was nothing short of top-of-notch, as you would expect from LT. It was tender with flavor dripping from each bite. The steak was accompanied with ancho chile cumin butter and a delightful bearnaise sauce. I would highly recommend washing down the steak with a glass of Argentinian Malbec from Finca Sophenia. The Malbec had deep hints of black berry and a slight hint of spice, finishing bold with a bit of oakiness.

LT Steak and Seafood - Hen of the Woods

The Hen of the Woods sautéed mushroom dish and the Steamed Chinese Garlic Eggplant were amongst two of my favorite sides here at LT Steak and Seafood. When having a luxe steak dinner, you expect that to be the focal point, but these veggies really do their fair share of impact at this place.

LT Steak and Seafood - Steamed Chinese Garlic Eggplant

We were completely satisfied, and in no way, shape, or form ready for dessert, but our awesome waiter, Daniel Stein, convinced us not to skip this step at LT. We stumbled across the Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter Croquant. Neither of us exactly knew what a croquant was, but we didn’t let that stop us. We were happily surprised by this velvet smooth milk chocolate and peanut butter delight. It was like a luxurious version of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, as it was served with a cool side of roasted plantain ice cream. Where can I find this in a pint sized version?

LT Steak and Seafood - Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Croquant, Plantain Ice Cream

Our experience at LT Steak and Seafood was one perfect dish after another. The menu offers an immense selection of seasonal options, so feel free to galavant around the menu to assure you get a diverse tasting.

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