Life In Color Miami Paints Your Soul with EDM

Life In Color Miami came back home to its birthplace this past weekend and rolled out another riveting event. This two day EDM paint rave festival is billed as the World’s Largest Paint Party. It showered the attendees at Sun Life Stadium with gallons of festive vibrant paint. It was a vaunted Day after Christmas gift to the electronic dance music fans of Miami. In contrast to the world famous Ultra where you feel like you are packed into a mini cooper with over a dozen clowns, Life in Color Miami had acres of wide open land to roam around, sit, dance and hopscotch on. There were two gargantuan stages that hosted some of the top EDM DJs in the world. Kaskade and Diplo were our two fave performers who put on mesmerizing shows.

We also loved the Spirit Dome that was located in the middle of both stages and offered a serene, sage filled haven to sit, lie down and escape into a tranquil setting. There were sound bowls, yoga, hypnotic DJs and massages creating a seductively trippy aura.

Outside by the stages there was paint being sprayed from fire hoses onto people dancing and bathing in it. Ravers could get as wet, colorful and sticky as their edm hearts desired. If you were not into getting doused in paint, there were also plenty of safe zones for people to enjoy the music without the paint. The energy, attendees, beats, food and graphics were sensational and we are so amped to party at next year’s Life in Color Miami.

Pictures are courtesy of Life in Color Miami 

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