Kombawa Restaurant – Fresh Japanese Fish in Bangkok

Kombawa Restaurant – Fresh Japanese Fish in Bangkok

Although I usually subscribe to the “When in Rome” notion, I thought it was worthwhile to diversify out of strictly Thai cuisine during my month long Thai adventure. When I found out that Kombawa, a Japanese restaurant flew in fresh fish weekly from the famous Tokyo fish market, I had to give it a whirl. Kombawa also has a large French influence since the owner stems from there. Think supple foie gras with Japanese fare.

Kombawa restaurant bangkok

While there is no sign for Kombawa, it is hard to miss with its gorgeous grandeur beaming through its 2 story glass facade. I was graciously greeted by a funky Japanese decor and good ole Sinatra seducing my ears. The art is strewn across every nook of the restaurant down to the chopstick holders and ancient Japanese refrigerators.

kombawa restaurant bangkok

I came in for lunch on Wednesday since the fresh fish is flown in from Japan late Tuesday night. Internationally-trained Japanese chef Goro Takatsu integrates modern cooking methods and artistic presentations with Japanese flavors. The vibrant Sashimi platter made me smile. The thick and adeptly cut toro side toro, scallop,salmon, sea bream were admired, devoted and devoured. It was served with real fresh wasabi which has much less of a bite than the fake stuff we are use to in America. The side toro was by far my favorite.

kombawa restaurant bangkok sushi

The Black Cod Miso Gyoza with Chili Soy Sauce were glorious and my top dish there. A burst of sweet jubilation enchanted my mouth with each dumpling plopped in. I adore sweet miso and it worked harmoniously with the crispy dumplings and fresh cod.

kombawa restaurant bangkok balckcod dumplings

In case you are feeling homesick for the USA, they also fly in a nice American 240 day aged Black Angus Roast Beef with Yuzu Ponzu Dressing. It was entertaining to dive into this American staple with chopsticks.

kombawa restaurant bangkok roast beef

The Mount Fuji Peach Parfait is a beautiful and innovative tribute to Japan’s blue Fuji mountain. It is a well balanced and fun dessert worth ordering.

kombawa restaurant bangkok mt fiji dessert

To conclude this special Japanese endeavor definitely order the fresh Japanese green tea boiled to perfect drinkable temperature when delivered to your table. This is accomplished by employing a famous cup changing tea ceremony. The tea is poured from cup to cup until the perfect drinking temperature is reached. The tea is made by Chef Takatsu and they would sadly not let me photograph this top secret preparation.

Kombawa restaurant is a delightful time for all your sense and will give you the rare opportunity of plummeting into a true Japanese experience in Bangkok.

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