KIND Bars – My Friends All Call Me The Snack Angel Now!

KIND Bars – My Friends All Call Me The Snack Angel Now!

Written and Photos by Jessica Lewandowski

I recently came back from a little weekend camping trip with my friends. We stayed at Devil’s Lake in Wisconsin. My friends and I did a lot of hiking over the couple days we were there, and I was really grateful I had a backpack full of KIND bars to keep me full during the long days. Let me tell you, Devil’s Lake at the peak of Fall is one of the most gorgeous sights you will ever lay your eyes on. The colors of bright orange, yellow, and red were at their most vibrant; the weather was absolutely perfect for exhausting hiking, and every other person brought their dog. Okay, all the dogs may or may not have been the best part of the trip!

KIND bars 2

There was a lot of ground to cover through the trails at Devil’s Lake. I’m not kidding when I say my friends and I trekked miles and miles of cliffs and hills – to the point where my thighs were shaking by the end of it all.  I’m also not kidding when I tell you I literally took a box of KIND bars and dumped the whole thing into my little backpack. I was basically the Snack Angel for the whole trip. I brought 30 KIND bars with me, and I came back with about 5.

Everyone’s favorite KIND bar was the Almond Butter Protein Breakfast Bar. I thought it would be crunchy and brittle, but it actually crumbles softly when you bite into it. The next favorite flavors were the Minis: Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew. Both Minis were 100 calories or less, and they were perfect for all my friends who needed a quick burst of energy. We also had the classic Dark Chocolate Nuts and Sea Salt KIND bar on hand.

KIND bars

Our group would not have survived the weekend if it wasn’t for the Snack Angel and her backpack full of KIND bars (that’s me)! For the record, you can imagine what a handful of adults in their mid-twenties do to pass the time at night whilst around a campfire – we may not have felt our very best the following mornings, so all the protein in the KIND bars seriously brought us back to speed for the days of hiking ahead of us! It had to be said!

You have obviously seen KIND bars at your grocery or health food store; you know how to get your hands on these! I suggest checking out the KIND bar website because there are a lot of flavors I never knew even existed (Sweet Cayenne BBQ? Yes, please). I’ll be keeping a rotating stock on hand for my next excursion!

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