The Gwen Luxury Hotel Chicago – Rosé Garden Cocktail Soirée

The Gwen Luxury Hotel Chicago – Rosé Garden Cocktail Soirée

Written and Photos by Josephine Layug

I heard of the Rosé Garden Cocktail Soiree on The Terrace at The Gwen Luxury Hotel Chicago. I headed over right after work with my friends! I also heard that Executive Chef Matt Jergens made some awesome rosé inspired bites!

Luxury Hotel Chicago Sangria

This was actually my first time visiting The Gwen Luxury Hotel Chicago. The decor was so sleek and modern. The Terrace had wonderful, open views of the city and a nice fire place to keep us warm on cooler nights. Not only were we welcomed by the beautiful views, we were welcomed by the beautiful live music performed by Rebecca Bruner.

Luxury Hotel Chicago Champagne

Now, the reason for the season: we started with Rosé Sangrias with loads of fruit to kick off the Cocktail Soiree. As the evening went on, we sampled the Frosé and finished the evening with a simple glass of Moët Chandon Vintage Rosé. Can you imagine kicking off the summer season without Rosé? Me either, I feel like having Rosé at all summer gatherings is a must!

We were served Lamb Loin with Rosé Tahini, Buttermilk Fried Chicken w/ Rosé and Pink Peppercorn Labneh, and Burrata with Rosé Vin Cotto and Grains. The lamb loin with rose tahini and the burrata with rose vin cotto and grains were my favorite bites of the evening. The lamb was cooked to perfection and flavors from the rosé tahini made it a well rounded bite. Burrata is just my absolute favorite!

Luxury Hotel Chicago Desserts

For dessert at The Gwen Luxury Hotel Chicago, we had Raspberry Rosé Macaroons, Pistachio and Rose Water Pavlouns, Rosé flavored Marshmallows, Rosé flavored Panna Cotta,  and Raspberry Rosé Mousse. I’m not gonna lie, I grabbed a few extra Rosé flavored panna cottas and raspberry Rosé mousses. They were the perfect dessert that I just couldn’t get enough of.

Luxury Hotel Chicago Itsapop

One of the highlights of the night on The Terrace of The Gwen Luxury Hotel Chicago was the rolling ice cream cart by Itsapop. They had popsicles in three flavors: Sparkling Rosé & Elderflower; Golden Milk, Lemon & Tumeric; and Strawberry. My favorite popsicle was the golden milk, lemon and turmeric flavor.

We had so much fun and can’t wait to come back and hangout at the Rosé Garden at The Gwen Luxury Hotel Chicago for a girls night out or even a date night this summer!

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