Great Circle Coffee – The Perfect Cup for Any Coffee Drinker

Great Circle Coffee – The Perfect Cup for Any Coffee Drinker

Despite sending my best positive thoughts to the weather gods, March seems to be hitting New York even harder than expected. As the cold air continues to blow, there’s nothing more satisfying than a good cup of coffee. And the beans from Great Circle Coffee, a Miami-based coffee with a focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, hit the spot even more than most.

Great circle coffee brewing

Great Circle Coffee has coffee for every palate. The Kenyan Ichamara is acidic, fruity, and dynamic, a powerful punch of flavor that will wake up your palate and just wake you up on cold days. The Guatamalan Pixcayá is rich, dark, and chocolate-y, perfect for sitting and sipping while watching the wind and weather whip by your window. The organic drip is that ideal morning blend that will keep you going day after day as you make your way into the office and face that dreaded 9am meeting—a smooth, mild, comforting cup that will calm your nerves and ready you for the day. Meanwhile, the organic espresso blend is that ideal combination of strong and smokey, without being overly harsh. Most importantly, Great Circle Coffee is individually sourced, to ensure sustainability and quality, while the beans are roasted with energy efficient technology—so it’s not only tasty, it’s world friendly. No matter what you look for in your cup of joe, Great Circle Coffee has the right bean for you.

Great Circle Coffee is available for shipping nationwide, with 12 ounce bags of whole beans ranging from $16-$20. Or if you, like me, know you’ll be needing a regular fix, you can sign up for a subscription service at a lower cost per bag. Either way, you’ll be able to fight off those winter blues for now—and have time to figure out how to cold brew for when summer finally rolls around.


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