Electric Zoo 2017 – Sensational Summer Music Festival

Electric Zoo 2017- Sensational Summer Music Festival

By Margeaux “Muggs” Zablan

Ahhh! Can you smell it? The end of summer is upon us, and the greatest party event in NYC is finally here! It’s Labor Day Weekend which means Electronic Dance Music at the Electric Zoo Festival! If you’ve never been to a music festival before, I highly suggest attending the EZoo Festival on Randall’s Island. The vibes and energy are unlike anything else. In a place like this, color, race, religion, and sexuality don’t matter.  It’s almost pure love everywhere….. nothing but smiles, laughs and most of all, dancing, a complete judgement free zone!  All you have to do is leave everything else behind, and enter the Zoo – a place where music truly brings everyone together.  Afterwards, the music is still playing in your ears. This is the kind of energy you want to bring with you to kickoff the fall season. “Issa Vibe”
Electric Zoo Field
Day one we were all just warming up. The beautiful weather provided a great start for the party animals. The closing set with John Digweed and DJ Snake was the popular choice for today’s lineup favorite.  Day one is the kind of day where you go to the party fashionably late, just to check out the scenery to make sure you’re not missing anything.
Electric Zoo Crowd 1
Day two the real party begins.  There were a few old time favorite DJ’s in the Awakening Tent like Victor Calderone, followed by Danny Tenaglia……..two amazing sets right before the pouring rain.
It was still a bit early after the two sets at Awakening, so I made my way over to the main stage, just in time for Zedd and the closing set by Above & Beyond. Rain or shine, the show must go on and, boy, did they close out a set in the rain! The vibes were real…..party-non-stop and dancing in the rain! It was one of those epic summer nights for sure, rain or shine, baby!
Electronic Zoo Zed
Day three was the kind of glorious day that makes you arrive early or on time, because you don’t want to miss out on anything! The main stage is where it’s at.  All-time favorite DJs were performing set after set, starting with Sunner James & Ryan Marciano, followed by Yellowclaw, the great Armin Van Buuren, and closing with the chords and ambiance of Deadmau5 with Eric Prydz. Can you say HELL YEAH?!
Electric Zoo Deadmau5 Stage
Oh, and forget about the aftermath of a day’s rain. The party animals don’t mind dancing in the mud at all with these guys on the set! The crowd went insane when Armin Van Buuren shared the set with Sunner James & Ryan Marciano, promoting their hit single “You Are”.
 Electric Zoo Threesome
EZoo 2017 was one for the books! If you’ve never experienced live music while dancing in the rain, this was the place to be. Through amazing sunny weather, rain and mud, these festival goers kept the positive vibes flowing, as the DJs went to work playing their hearts out.  Few DJs and crowds can keep the momentum going like this, but once they had it, they kept it rollin’! Back to back non stop sets by your favorite DJs?  I mean, wow! That’s all I can say.  A shout out to everyone in such good spirits, rain or shine.
Electric Zoo Deadmau5
At the end of the night, the exit was smooth like butter. There was only a bit of traffic, and that shuttle bus ride home was priceless. Seeing everyone’s smiling face, hearing stories of their favorite set, and watching the playbacks of the event from their phones was amazing. Now that’s how you end the summer, peace, love and positivity! Thank you, EZoo for making a three day weekend unforgettable once again!

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