Eight Korean BBQ – LA’s Most Unique Korean BBQ Experience Features Eight Flavors of Pork Belly

Eight Korean BBQ – LA’s Most Unique Korean BBQ Experience Features Eight Flavors of Pork Belly

By Michael Vallens

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The Los Angeles food scene is quite remarkable; a microcosm of the world. One can find cuisines in LA from the furthest regions of the planet. This definitely includes long time favorite of Angelinos, Korean BBQ. The Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles has numerous establishments to choose from. While All-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurants dominate the scene, the pork-fest known as Eight Korean BBQ has chosen a slightly different route.

Eight Korean BBQ - interior 2

Eight Korean BBQ is a full-service Korean BBQ restaurant that specializes in pork belly and other premium meats. Normally, the cooking is mostly up to the customer to cook, but at Eight Korean BBQ, the friendly waiters are expertly trained to do all the cooking for you.

Eight Korean BBQ - Pork Belly 4

They proudly use pork from the Mangalitza Pig, commonly referred to as the Kobe Beef of Pork because of the quality of the marbling.

Eight Korean BBQ - Soju 2

We started off with a bottle of Soju. This rice wine beverage is a favorite of Koreans and is often enjoyed with friends over a delicious meal.

The Combo A is the star of the party and features “Eight” flavors of pork belly. The flavors include Wine, Original, Black Sesame, Garlic, Herb, Curry, Miso Paste and Hot (Red Pepper Paste).

Eight Korean BBQ - Pork Belly 2Eight Korean BBQ - Pork Belly 3Eight Korean BBQ - Pork Belly 1

All flavors of pork belly are uncoiled on to a tilted flat-top grill that allows all fat to drain, similar to a George Forman grill. Kimchi and Bean Sprouts are also cooking away as well.

They also place mushrooms tops down on the grill which allow the moisture within the mushroom to pool. This provides us with the pure essence and flavor of the mushroom.

Eight Korean BBQ - Pork Belly Cooking 1

Eight Korean BBQ - Pork Belly Cooking 2

The pork belly is turned once and reveals a perfect caramelized crust. Once the other side is finished grilling up, the pork belly slices are cut with kitchen shears into bite-size pieces.

Eight Korean BBQ - Pork Belly Cooked 3

One should seriously consider adding a small dollop of some fermented miso paste; one of the many side dish options at Eight Korean BBQ.

Eight Korean BBQ - Fermented sauceEight Korean BBQ - Macaroni SaladEight Korean BBQ - Radish

Eight Korean BBQ - Pickled Pumpkin

Other side dishes include an fluffy steamed egg dish, macaroni salad, a big bowl of green salad and pickled pumpkin. In addition, radish and rice paper are used to make mini wraps or make-shift Korean BBQ tacos. Each side dish adds to the flavor profile to this balanced meal.

Eight Korean BBQ - Seafood Soup

Along with all the pork belly, Combo A includes a seafood stew cooked in a specially designed burner on the table top.

The seafood stew includes fresh crab, muscles, soybean, veggies and other amazing flavors boiling away. The aroma is intoxicating.

Whatever is left in the pot of seafood stew along with the well cooked Kimchi and Bean Sprouts are used as the base for Eight Korean BBQ’s remarkable Fried Rice seasoned with green onions and seaweed.

Eight Korean BBQ - Fried Rice 1

Shredded cheese is added to the top of the fried rice and is finished when melts.

There is a nice crust created at the bottom of the pan that adds to the overall flavor profile.

Eight Korean BBQ - Ribeye Steak Raw 1

As if the Combo A wasn’t enough, we were privileged to receive a beautifully marbled Ribeye steak; another highlight of this meal.

With the grill on high heat, the sear on this Ribeye was nothing short of perfection. It was then sliced and torched to add more color and flavor and served with two kinds of mushrooms.

Eight Korean BBQ - Ribeye Steak Cooked 2

Eight Korean BBQ - Ribeye Steak Cooked 5

Watching all this action unfold before our eyes was awe-inspiring and provided a memorable meal, not to be forgotten.

Eight Korean BBQ - TableThe Eight Korean BBQ experience is made all the better with the full-service attention. All of the work is done for the customer so everyone at the table can truly enjoy the show. Eight Korean BBQ has filled a niche in the competitive world of LA’s Korean BBQ scene by showcasing the highest quality of pork belly and other excellent meats. Be sure to visit Eight Korean BBQ and enjoy this fantastic foodie endeavor.

Eight Korean BBQ

863 S. Western Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90005

(213) 365-1750

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