Downtown Bistro Miami Adds Un Peu de French to Miami

We all could use a lil more French in our lives, be it kisses, toast, fries or if we are very blessed, the renown 3 star Michelin French Laundry haven. Downtown Bistro Miami is now open for dinner Wednesday through Friday to assist us in our quest for mas French. We were invited to a media dinner full of adventurous bloggers to taste their menu. We shall highlight our favorites of the evening.


Le Steak Tartare au Couteau- raw filet mignon cut by hand, capers, onions. anchovies, dijon mustard & quail egg. It was a very French way to consume filet. The bread was crunchy enough to be included with the Rice Krispy brothers and the quail egg you dumped into the shimmering slimy filet was fun and quite tasty.


Lost my snailginity with this Escargots à la crème- Snails in a heavenly creamy Sauce and now hunting for these glorious creatures in my backyard. The texture was a cross between an artichoke and mushroom. The sauce had a zesty kick and complimented the escargot marvelously. The American in me kinda wished they were deep fried though.


The Ravioli de Short Rib, Sauce quatre fromage, gambas pochées & asperges- Short Rib Ravioli with 4 cheese sauce, poached shrimp & asparagus was executed superbly. The four cheese sauce was rich and was a nice contrast to the short ribs. The fatass poached shrimp on top really set the dish off. A beautiful and unique plate.


Carré d’agneau avec Risotto maison- Lamb rack with our portobello Risotto infused with truffle oil. The lamb was cooked to succulently pink perfection. The portobello risotto was infused with a glorious truffle oil that did not overpower. It was my favorite dish of the night.


For dessert we were graced with a trifecta of an incredible Fried Oreo, decadent Raspberry tartelette and Crème brûlée. A beautiful ending to a great meal.


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  1. those were mussels rather than snails. Pretty bad description for foodies expert.

    virginie / Reply
    • Those might look like mussels but they were in fact snails. There are mussel photos further down in the gallery.

      Ari Kane / (in reply to virginie) Reply

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