Detox Tea – Why it Works Way Better than Weight Loss Supplements

Detox Tea – Why it Works Way Better than Weight Loss Supplements

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If you’re like the rest of the world, it has taken you a solid month of “mental prepping” to get started on your fitness routine for the warmer weather bikini body season coming up. The “I’ll start on Monday” mantra has lost its appeal, so it’s time to give your body the kick start it needs before heading to the gym.

If you need a good cleanse before you dive head first into healthy dieting, you should start out with detox tea, and avoid the outrageous claims made by weight loss supplements and pills. Although most weight loss pills claim to boost your metabolism, the effects are incredibly minor. Plus, if you’ve ever checked out the ingredient lists on those bottles, you’ll notice caffeine is usually front and center.

Detox Tea Colon Cleanse

Okay, so most tea, including detox tea, is usually naturally caffeinated; but, natural is the important word there. Detox teas also have a handful of other benefits that naturally boost your metabolism and literally help you remove excess weight from the toxins built up in your body.

When you start drinking detox tea on a regular basis, your body’s energy levels will begin to improve, which begins an entire process of shedding toxins. As your energy levels rise, your whole digestive system will begin to work better, which boosts metabolism and how quickly your internal systems can digest and remove unnecessary waste. Your body will also use that natural energy to burn the calories you’ve have built up, meaning you’ll start burning fat more naturally on a consistent basis.

Although the process detox tea goes through in your body seems pretty simple, the benefits that come from it are numerous. Since your body is naturally flushing out toxins and waste, you’ll start to feel less bloated, and you’ll see a noticeable difference in your excess weight. This is a great starting point for moving to a healthier diet and avoiding fatty or sugary foods. By flushing out toxins, and directly drinking more water, your skin and complexion should become more clear. This also means your hair and nails should start looking healthier too, which is just an added bonus.

Detox tea tea bags

After drinking detox tea on a daily basis, you should start feeling naturally lighter and less sluggish. Since your internal systems are improving, your sleeping patterns should improve as well. You can see how drinking detox tea catalyzes this circular process of feeling good and wanting to do the things that keep your body healthy, like exercising and eating healthy foods.

Teami offers natural teas for detoxing and colon cleansing, which provide all of the benefits listed here. The Teami Detox Diet Plan includes 30 days of their Skinny loose leaf tea and 15 Colon cleanse tea bags.

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