DeDos Phuket – Life Changing Foie Gras Creme Brulee

 DeDos Phuket – Life Changing Foie Gras Creme Brulee

DeDos Phuket is named after the Spanish word for fingers which are the magical instruments of chefs. The restaurant name also plays homage to Chef Pablo’s partner Bee, as De Dos means from 2 in Spanish. Pablo is a wonderfully cool mix of Bolivian and Swiss with a smile that warms the heart. He gave up his career in law and decided to pursue his culinary passions.

dedos phuket

Trained in Lyon, France Chef Pablo took his talents to Phuket after working at some impressive French and Swiss restaurants.  DeDos has been open for 7 years and is quite a prize. Chef Pablo employs his French techniques with Thai flavors, Japanese influences and a boatload of creativity. His motto is “Dine Different” and he means it!

The amuse Bouche ginger cappuccino was balanced warm and truly opened my taste buds with a burst. Definitely begin with the Siam cocktail, it takes all the big Thai flavors and throws them in a glass with vodka and Malibu. Quite interesting mixology that really encapsulates Chef Pablo’s approach to food.

The fresh bread came out with homemade sun dried tomato butter that actually tasted like sun dried tomatoes. It was a superb butter.

dedos phuket

The scallops were juicy and perfectly cooked. The saffron curry was a new flavor for my mouth which I appreciated and complimented that scallops nicely.

dedos phuket

Drink intermission for the Mango delight. One of the best mango alcohol concoctions I’ve ever had. The mango paired so well with Malibu and kafir lime.

dedos phuket

The Duck was fantastic. Supple, succulent and coupled perfectly with the sweet tamarind sauce. The spicy Thai Pomelo salad had great balance and only mild heat.

dedos phuket foie gras creme brulee

Then came the Masterpiece, the Foie Gras Creme Brûlée was a revelation. I actually have had it before from Chef Pugin of Palme d’Or at The Biltmore and this one was just as good or maybe even better. The foie is whipped into the creme and the ingredients collide like magic. The sweet crunchy creme brûlée top contrasted with the silky enchanting foie flavor is one of the best things you can ever taste. I am a foie addict and have had in dozens of ways, but turning into creme brûlée is the way it should be eaten.

DeDos Phuket was a memorable meal. The unique and creative flavor concoctions Chef Pablo has imagined on both plates and in glasses are worth making an extra special trip to Phuket to experience.

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