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Miami Spice is on its way back next month but before you aimlessly wander the streets in search of the best spots to visit, be sure to make some sort of list, a check list, if you will. This year, some really great restaurants are participating and it would be a shame if you missed out because you weren’t prepared then ended up at an IHOP like last year after finally getting tired of driving around all night looking for a place that was both participating, and had a last minute cancellation . . . it happened to a friend of mine, not me.

Allow me to make the first suggestion for your list. Coya Miami has quickly become one of Brickell’s hot spots. A recent addition to the Brickell repertoire (a third opening behind London and Dubai) Coya boasts a modern approach to fresh Peruvian cuisine that, along with it’s authentic flair, gift-wrapped in elegance, will make you glad to have put it on the top of your list. I was lucky enough to be given a preview of what you can expect to see on the Miami Spice Menu. Take a look at these great dishes below and once you’re done drooling, make a plan to visit them as soon as the menu prices start to fall. Check out the Coya Miami Spice video review:

For the first course you may choose fresh Peruvian ceviche which is just delicious. Pescado Local Clasico is how you’ll see it on the Miami Spice Menu. Fresh fish, red onions, sweet potato, and white corn float in the most delicious Leche de Tigre you’ve ever tasted.  Let your date have their choice. If you’re a fan of seafood however, you’ll want this one for yourself.

coya restaurant miami spice

Another choice you will be sure to love is the Corn Salad or Ensalada de Maiz. Josper corn, crispy corn and red chilies play so well together that they deserve a medal of some sort. You will find yourself debating just what level of  ‘tacky’ you’d reach by asking your server to bring an actual large salad bowl with more of this stuff in it to your table. Oh yeah, its’ that good. Other options for the first course include Calamaris Fritos con Ocopa (Ocopa is a minty chile and garlic sauce that is often used in Peruvian cuisine, think of it as Peru’s answer to answer to cilantro garlic aioli) which is basically fried baby squid “breaded” using quinoa with a delicious Ocopa sauce drizzled over top and finally, Anticucho de Pollo (skewered chicken) which is smoky but somehow also juicy and tender at the same time.

coya restaurant miami spice

coya restaurant miami spice

For the second course you get your pick from the following: Papa Seca which comes in a warm skillet and is potatoes in a delightful butternut squash with a poached egg. These ingredients, along with some broccolini, are mixed for you table-side. This dish is very comforting and satisfies the tastebuds. Pollo al Josper is corn fed chicken with aji panca    ( a Peruvian chile) , and cilantro. My favorite of this course, the Filete de Branzino was perfectly cooked. You immediately get a sense of freshness with the Seabass and the fennel salad in this dish. You barely notice you’ve fallen in love

coya restaurant miami spice

Coya Miami Spice Ribs

The Costillas de Cerdo (pork back ribs) which have a sweet caramelized tamarind glaze and are served with a green onion, red pepper and cashew nut garnish round off the second course on the Miami Spice Menu. This, of course  brings us all the way to the much anticipated dessert course!

You get three options for dessert on the Miami Spice Menu at Coya Miami. I found the Chicha Morada (Peruvian Corn Colada, summer berries and shortbread cookie garnish) to be light and fresh tasting. This is another example of modern flair being added to traditional Peruvian cooking. Chicha Morada is a Peruvian beverage made by boiling purple corn with pineapple, cinnamon, clove, and sugar. Here, Coya masterfully serves it as a sorbet and adds a shortbread cookie garnish to mimic the way Chicha Morada is sometimes served, with shortbread cookies. The shortbread garnish is a nice balance to the tartness of the berries.

coya restaurant miami spice

The Caramelo con Chocolate y Sorbete de Frambuesa seems like an understatement of a name for this dessert. Get this, we’re talking salted caramel ganache, pisco marinated raspberries , and of course, a raspberry sorbet.

The Corn Sundae is a mix of sweet corn ice cream and caramel corn. Imagine the creamiest, gently sweet ice cream with the dude off the cracker jack box himself smacking you in the face . . . lovingly of course. I hear this is a favorite at Coya Miami and I’m sure it will be a Miami Spice Menu star.

coya restaurant miami spice

Key Lime is pretty far from Peruvian but it is very Floridian and Coya Miami does an incredible job of paying tribute to its new home. This time we’re treated to a blueberry sorbet and the delicious, smooth, key lime is topped with a toasted meringue to complete this mastery of sensory bliss.

A delicious three course meal was enjoyed and I know you will find yourself singing Coya Miami’s praises as well. Make sure to put it on your list. Coya Miami Spice runs from August 1st to September 30th. Check out the Coya Miami Spice Menu and all the other wonderful restaurants that are participating this year here.

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