Chef Adrianne’s is a Worthy Excursion

We are not exactly sure why, but we possess immense disdain for bumblefuck Kendall. It might be the grueling drive to get there, or that the Shedonist’s vile ex resides there, but we virtually never trek out past the 826 hinterland border. We are elated to report that we have finally found a worthwhile destination to venture out to Miami’s Wild Wild West for and its the sensational Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar


Chef Adrianne is adorable, spunky and remarkably talented. She will cram so much flavor into your salivating mouth that it might be too full too even moan clearly. With the assistance of her just as cute female Sous Chef Egg, they titillated our eyes and palates all night long. In addition to these fabulous chefs we were also graced by Nicole’s endearing presence throughout night. She was our incessantly beaming Angel/waitress who possessed a demeanor and smile that induced sheer felicity.

We commenced with a Pesto Dip and it was one of the best we have ever had. It was composed of Parma, black olives, olive oil and parsley. It was a palatable balance that was potently flavored but not too overpowering, as pesto can at times be. The pesto was complemented by superbly crispy yet soft rolls.


The Fried Goat Cheese Balls over prosciutto with a seductive trufflized balsamic had our photographer Betty squirming in her chair. We are not goat cheese fans, but her rendition mitigated the usual pungent goat taste and left us reconsidering our abrasive stance towards it.


The Bone Marrow Benginents over Parma/over beef tartar/over a Himalayan salt block was a phenomenal mix of eclectic ingredients. We were very tempted to lick the remnants off but the salt block tongue blocked us.


The Lobster Bisque was jazzed up with summer black truffle and was ooooorgasmic. The Tasting Table Miami editor Paula castrated 2 different waiters with her beautifully intense eyes, because they each made the grave mistake of trying to take the bisque away before every microscopic iota was scarpetta’d up with the rolls. The bisque was the perfect balance between creamy and oily and possessed a luxurious velvety texture. The buttered chunks of Maine lobster set the soup over the edge. It was quite a feat of bisque.


The Pork Belly literally evaporated into our gleeful mouths. Twas the most supple and tenderest belly we’ve ever put our lips on and we love to give newborns raspberries. The sriracha and honey mustard were subtly administered allowing the swine to shine.

This meal was truly special and marvelously paired with the Chef’s recommended wines for each course.  We hilariously sat through 7 different birthday celebrations at other tables. This is a true testament to the glory of Chef Adrianne’s Restaurant, since everybody goes to their most cherished spots for their birthday celebrations. Chef Adrianne impressed us with her prowess, creativity and her deft execution of Maximum Flavor. This is one trip to Kendall that we are actually eager to make again!

Photos by: Betty Alvarez

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  1. OMG that food looks amazing! I want to lick the screen and taste every dish.

    aholeinmyshoe / Reply
  2. Wow, the food looks amazing. We love pork belly so seeing that dish is just further inspiration!

    Anne @ Pretraveller / Reply
  3. Those food looks so yummulicious …. makes me hungry

    Anne Klien / Reply
  4. This looks absolutely delicious! Those fried goat cheese balls…oh my.

    Ashley @ A Southern Gypsy / Reply
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