Camp Bisco Review – Stellar Music & Feels

Camp Bisco Review – Stellar Music & Feels

Camp Bisco Review – By Autumn DeLorenzo of Empyreal Images

This July, festival goers young and old filled the slopes of Montage Mountain for three full days of epic summer fun at The Disco Biscuits’, Camp Bisco Music Festival. Fans trekked from far and wide to Scranton, Pennsylvania to take part in the 17th annual festival celebration, hoping to fill their summer with unforgettable music and memories. The weekend lineup offered a packed schedule featuring a wide array of music ranging from the jammiest of jam bands to the dirtiest dub sets. Headliners included the likes of Bassnectar, Lotus, Shpongle, Griz, Gramatik, as well as a live performance from Pretty Lights, the insatiable Action Bronson, and of course the festivals founders, The Disco Biscuits, who astounded audiences six unforgettable times over!

Founded in 1999, it was only two years, in 2015, that the festival relocated to the beautiful Montage Mountain; a ski resort overlooking the picturesque valleys of Scranton, Pennsylvania. During the warmer months, this venue hosts a variety of festivals and events including, PA Wine Land, Rhythm & Brews, and Peach Music Festival. Montage Mountain is a year-round resort full of beautiful amenities which provide off season attendees with as much fun and comfort as they could hope for. With full restaurants, as well as food vendors and pop-up bars, VIP Clubs, a massive concert tent, ever sought after showers, lockers, full service restrooms, wild water rides, a lazy river, and a zip line overseeing the festival grounds, there is more on the mountain than any festival attendee could ever want.

Concert goers are in for a treat as this summer hot spot expands for the festival to include three extra stages for fans to get all of their music fixes. Entering the festival grounds from General Camping, campers and concert goers are first enticed by the ‘Above the Waves Stage’, located in the waterpark. This music setting gives the crowd a unique opportunity to enjoy their favorite bands while cooling off in Montage Mountains wave pool. Whether you choose to go for a swim or rage in rays of sunshine, there isn’t a corner of this venue that doesn’t provide listeners with an unmatched sound quality.

Continuing on to The Pavilion, renamed the ‘Electric City Stage’ during Camp Bisco,  attendees can stop to shop and indulge in delicious foods from a variety of vendors before entering the amphitheater for headlining acts. This magnificent concert tent has an 18,000 seat capacity, a lawn area, and a GA pit for the rail-riders and wiggle-worms who crave an up-close experience. *** Beyond the vendors on the southern side of The Pavilion, is the ‘Office Stage’. This traditional field stage exhibited a wide variety of music during the day and hosted exclusive VIP sets in the evenings. Finally, further down the mountain, residing in the RV parking lot is the ‘Renegade Stage’. Crowds craving even more entertainment surrounded the rooftop stage nightly for a much more intimate music experience with like-minded part goers that raged until the early morning hours.

One of the best parts of any music festival is, of course, meeting the wonderful people who come from every corner of the world  to fill the venue with their energy and reverberating vibes. No festival is complete without the community and connections made by attendees joining in celebration of life, music, and expression. People strolling from stage to stage are decked out in the most colorful summer essentials, costumes, and creative totems, displaying a kaleidoscope of beautiful smiling faces and vibrant personalities to bask in as you explore the festival. From vendors and safety staff, to the first-time festival goers and veterans alike, everyone on the mountain is full of intense satisfaction as they enjoy all Camp Bisco has to offer.

With over 80 hours of music, Camp Bisco can undoubtedly be considered one of the top music festivals on the East Coast. If you have yet to venture into the music festival world, this summer shindig on Montage Mountain is a great first for all! Fill yourself with great eats, great tunes, and great vibes that are certain to leave you glowing long after the festival has come to an end. Join the beautiful Camp Bisco community The Disco Biscuits have created to reward yourself with more memories than you can hold onto. Hope you enjoyed our Camp Bisco Review!

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