Batman Themed Restaurant – Gotham Review

Batman Themed Restaurant Review

Kickin’ It, Batman Style!

By Ossiana Tepfenhart

Admittedly, I’m a major geek at heart, as well as a major foodie. I spent a decent amount of time as a kid reading comic books, so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that my favorite dining spot near me is a brand new Batman themed restaurant by the name of Gotham. Located in Red Bank, New Jersey, Gotham is the ultimate balance between geek heaven and gourmet Shangri-La.  Unlike most theme restaurants that come off as fake, cheesy, or downright stupid, Batman themed restaurant Gotham manages to keep it awesome by designing the entire layout of the two-story restaurant, lounge, and bar like Bruce Wayne’s mansion.

Gotham Interior

Instead of being over-the-top with Batman kitsch, random potato-shaped morons dressed up as vintage Batman running around, and hosting crappy Batman events like one would normally expect, the Batman theme in Gotham is subtle. In fact, it’s very subtle. Only a single painting and a single case of Batman memorabilia can be found inside its doors.

Gotham Decor

Everything else about the bar creates a superbly modern, comfortably cosmopolitan ambiance. Boasting exceptionally high end objects d’art, a baby grand piano, a number of sparkling crystal chandeliers, and little bookshelf-lined private niches, the entire décor is made to make people feel like Bruce Wayne is about to walk through the door, sit down next to you, and order a shot of whiskey.  It’s so chic, so incredibly elegant, most people never even realize that the restaurant is an homage to the Dark Knight.

Absolutely stunning décor and perfect nouveau-noir ambiance aside, the food and drinks are capable of giving even the staunch food snob a foodgasm. I seriously cannot stress how great Gotham is in terms of food. Let me give you a run-through of my personal picks.

  • The Lamb Ribs – To this day, I have never seen a single restaurant that can make a Rack of Lamb as mouthwateringly decadent as Gotham. In all my days ordering Lamb there, I have yet to experience a day at Gotham when sinking my teeth into the meat didn’t evoke a flood of perfectly seasoned juices in my mouth. The Lamb is juicy, lightly seasoned with Mint and Pepper, and overall incredibly meaty. If you love meat, you will most likely lose yourself while enjoying this super-satisfying dish.
  • The Seared Bacon – As a foodie, Bacon already appeals to me. Gotham’s Seared Bacon dish combines crispy (but not burnt) Bacon atop lightly Sauteed Asparagus, Smoked Salmon, and a Fried Egg garnished with ground pepper. Surrounding the protein-packed centerpiece is a Spicy Mayo, which just turns the already amazing combination of foods into a flavorful party that’s just too good to resist.

Gotham Entree

  • The Margherita Flatbread – While the other two dishes may be a challenge to share without a bit of a mess, the Margherita Flatbread was literally designed for sharing. The Flatbread takes a cue from a classic Margherita Pizza with its Freshly-baked Bread base, Fresh Cut Tomatoes, Mozzarella, and Basil. It’s flavorful, but won’t overpower your palate by any means. Best of all, each Flatbread offers plenty of food for friends to share.

Gotham Margharita Flatbread

In terms of Drinks, it’s once again a matter of “you just can’t go wrong.” Every house drink on the menu is amazing, and you’re bound to find at least one that will impress your palate. My personal favorite is the Beppo, a citrusy Martini-like beverage that has a strong Lemony taste and a pleasant kick. Aside from mixed drinks, Batman themed Gotham also offers plenty of Hard Liquors, Wines, and Craft Beers to enjoy.

Gotham Cocktail

Lastly, Gotham also throws events on a regular basis. So, if you like rock, house music, or other similar party-friendly genres, it’s a great place to hang out once the sun sets. Trust me when I say that partying at this Batman themed restaurant will definitely make you feel like you were personally invited to Bruce Wayne’s mansion for a basement party unlike any other. After all, a man of class like Bruce Wayne would be the kind of guy who would only bring out the best for his guests, right?

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