Acqua Restaurant Phuket – A Slice of Italy in Thailand

Acqua Restaurant Phuket – A Slice of Italy in Thailand

Driving up the hill watching the sun set across Phuket Thailand’s emerald Patong water I was finally excited for a meal again.  Having grown a tad weary of Asian fare it was time to see if Acqua Restaurant Phuket, a well reviewed Italian place I had found would take my mouth back to my favorite foodie country.

acqua restaurant phuket

Acqua Restaurant Phuket is perched off the side of a hill with you guessed it, an aquatic view. The white and black contrasting decor is sleek, refined and very Italian. Acqua boasts quality Italian ingredients and wines, although to my dismay they were out of Italian burrata that night. I order Italian bred burrata every chance I get since it is a bit rare in the states.

acqua restaurant phuket

Acqua restaurant is the nino of Chef Alessandro Frau, who sources a plethora of his ingredients from Italy.  Italian born, Chef Alessandro experiments with flavors and techniques to deliver an eclectic yet unpretentious selection of dishes. He enjoys playing in the kitchen creating innovative and harmonious flavor balances.

Although the degustation menu is not available in January during peak season, Chef Alessandro gave me some snippets from it.

acqua restaurant phuket

The Sous Vide Octopus Salad was so refreshing and buoyant. The combination of the extra virgin oil, lemon  and vinegar were  a beautiful set of compliments to the cold and fresh octopus.

acqua restaurant phuket

Smelling the 45 Minute Slow Cooked Egg brought me such jubilation. It was an intoxicating compilation of black truffle, uber creamy egg, Parmesan fondue and powder from homemade pancetta.

The Saffron Rissoto was stellar and one of the best I had ever eaten. It is served with stracchino cheese, caviar and Sardinian sea urchin!  It is meant to be eaten from the cheese clockwise for the most scrumptious experience.

acqua restaurant phuket

The crispy and savory Wood Fired Roast Suckling Pig brought me back to Italia. It is served with saffron and violet potatoes and its own sauce. It was deeply flavorful and an utter joy to consume.

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For dessert there was a tree of incredible Cannolis stuffed with sweet ricotta cheese, candied orange chocolate shavings and marsala flavored. I do not even like cannolis and I could not stop eating these babies. The sweets were presented as tree branches stemming from pistachio ice cream.

Acqua Restaurant Phuket was an impressive outing. The staff was on point all night and the ambiance was very classy yet with the inviting Italian charm. The global wine selections paired seamlessly with Chef Alessandro’s modern Italian flavors that help bring Phuket’s culinary scene to life.

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