Zedd Concert Review – A Feast for the Eyes & Ears

Zedd Concert Review – A Feast for the Eyes & Ears

Zedd lit up Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami to screaming fans getting down in the torrential pouring rain. The amphitheater was packed with EDM fans smiling, screaming, stomping and loving Zedd who was jumping around like an adorable kid in a candy store. Unfortunately Zedd’s girlfriend Selena Gomez did not make a soaking wet appearance on stage. There was something very special about dancing in the rain that made the show even more magical than normal. Zedd had insane graphics perfectly choreographed to his stellar hits ” Beautiful Now” ,”I Want You to Know” & “Clarity.”

The pyrotechnics, streamers and play list surprises, such as the theme from Zelda and Daft Punk’s “One More Time” had the crowd going bananas. Next time Zedd comes to your town, you need to get yo ass down there even if it means dancing through a Tropical Storm. Trust Us, you will looooove it. Below is Zedd’s newest single that is uber addicting. Thank You Zedd, see you soon!


Photo Credit – Sick EDM site called That Drop 

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