Wynwood Yard Summer Preview – Miami Food Truck Dining

Wynwood Yard Summer Preview – Miami Food Truck Dining

Wynwood Yard in Miami’s Art District is a culinary incubator conceived by Della Heiman as a launching pad for other Miami food entrepreneurs like herself as well as a open air social and cultural community-gathering space.

We were invited to preview the summer menus of Wynwood Yard’s current food truck residents, -Bird & Bone, Kuenko, The British Garden, Myumi and Mr. Bing as well as the tented bar, Mortar & Pistil.

Wynwood Yard Summer Preview – The British Garden at The Wynwood Yard by Masson Liang

Here are our favorite must-try dishes:

Wynwood Yard Summer Preview – dim ssam food truck

At Bird & Bone, from Brickhouse and Sayaka Kitchen chef/owner, Richard Hale, the Honey-Orange Pork Ribs were meaty and tender. The pork was glazed in a slightly sweet Honey-Orange sauce which balanced nicely against the Korean spice-rubbed crispy skin.

Wynwood Yard Summer Preview – dim ssam honey orange ribs

However, the pièce de résistance was the Cracklin’, a deceitfully small-looking, but hugely flavored sandwich, which was piled high with the yummiest shredded braised duck along with its crispy herb-rubbed crackled skin, smothered in spicy mayo sauce, and topped with tangy pickled cucumbers.

Wynwood Yard Summer Preview – cracklin duck sandwich - dim ssam a gogo

The soft bun hugs its delicious sandwiched contents to ensure nothing escapes your  lips’ delivery to your grateful tummy. Definitely, a must must-try dish.

Wynwood Yard Summer Preview – kuenko food truck

From Michelin Star sushi chef, Ricarado Sanz, a Japanese Donburi, or rice bowl,  food truck concept, Kuenko, with the Spanish chefs’ hands-on, sleeves pulled-up business partners, Amado Rodriguez,  Mathias Ricci and Anthony Ricci.

Wynwood Yard Summer Preview – Kuenko_999_4+Anguila+Teriyaki+web

Each bowl profiles a Japanese-style protein married with one of Kuenko’s sauces, over flavorful and moist special white rice topped with a fried egg. We had the buttery rich and omega fat Butterfish with awesome Truffle Paste and Fried Onion topping.

So good, we had to try another donburi bowl with Shredded Beef topped with freshly chopped green onions. We loved Kuenko’s special Teriyaki sauce that covered the juicy braised meat.

Wynwood Yard Summer Preview – the british garden pop up

Chefs Christpher Davey and Devonn Vidal’s The British Garden is a tent-covered pop-up store with eclectic British pub architectural pieces. We enjoyed the oversized, sugar powder-dusted and currant-studded Scone, a dense semi-sweet biscuit, served with strawberry jam and butter. Bring this quintessentially English breakfast snack home, and served it with clotted cream and good strong tea.

Wynwood Yard Summer Preview - scone - the british garden

The Wynwood Yard concept was galvanized by Della’s experience attempting to find a location for della, her fast casual restaurant in Miami.  The real estate barriers to entry for retail concepts in Miami are quite high, and as a result she started studying less expensive and more iterative approaches to launching her business.

Wynwood Yard Summer Preview – della test kitchen

The vision for The Wynwood Yard was inspired by food trucks, culinary incubators, food halls, and pop-up concepts around the world. Della wanted to create an ecosystem that would help support new food businesses in Miami since she knew the obstacles they faced. The goal is to give promising local entrepreneurs a support system and launch pad for innovative concepts -primarily food, but also art and architecture.

Wynwood Yard Summer Preview – Dale Bowl from Della Test Kitchen by Masson Liang

The catalyst for della, a globally-inspired, plant-based fast casual concept, was Heiman’s desire to make healthy food affordable and accessible to all.

The Yard also regularly hosts a variety of unique fun events that are entertaining and educational, such as the upcoming Pop-Up Tropical Dance Party, Sound Off™ Silent Disco, and Fermentation Workshop with Susan Duprey. 

The Wynwood Yard located at 56 NW 29th St, Miami, FL 33127. The Wynwood Yard is open noon to 9PM Tues.-Thurs.; noon to 2AM. Fri.; noon to 2AM Sat.; and noon to 9PM Sun.

For special event schedule and information, visit: thewynwoodyard.com

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