Women’s Bean Project – Gourmet Kernels That Give Back

Women’s Bean Project – Gourmet Kernels That Give Back

Written and Photos by Jessica Lewandowski

It is prime cuddle weather, everyone! I love the Autumn and Winter months because I can curl up in a blanket, or with an equal minded sweater-weather fanatic, and munch on a snack while I watch a scary movie. What is one of the best snacks to eat by the handful during cold months? Popcorn! The Women’s Bean Project makes delicious flavors of gourmet popcorn that I have completely fallen in love with.

Women's Bean Project Popcorn

There are currently five flavors that Women’s Bean Project sells: White Popcorn with Garlic Parmesan, Blue Popcorn with Salted Caramel, Rainbow Popcorn with Pink Himalayan Salt and Black Pepper, White Popcorn with Chocolate Peppermint, and White Popcorn with Vietnamese Coconut Curry.

What? Blue popcorn? Rainbow Popcorn? Oh yeah, not only are there some amazing seasonings included in each container of popcorn, but some mixes are made with natural blue corn kernels or natural multicolored kernels. I’d like to add, as well, that they are gorgeous to look at and even more beautiful to photograph. If you need a new Insta-worthy snack food, I highly suggest snapping a picture of your popcorn from Women’s Bean Project. I definitely have been.

Women's Bean Project Popcorn 3

Yummy munchies aside, Women’s Bean Project is a wonderful business that employs impoverished woman who are considered chronically unemployed. The women involved in producing these tasty treats are convicted felons, recovering addicts, victims of domestic violence, and high school dropouts due to teen motherhood. The project offers these women a chance to gain work experience and the skills they need to pursue a better life.

Women’s Bean Project produces much more than popcorn too! You can purchase baking mixes, soup mixes, spice blends, coffee, candy, gift baskets, jewelry, and plenty more. Keep your eyes open for their label in grocery stores too.

This popcorn, honestly, tastes way better than more generic brands or microwave bags. Snack well, and feel good about your purchase too.

Women's Bean Project Popcorn 2

Click Here for a Spicy Recipe!

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