The Wall: A Worldly Experience Awaits at the City of Orange’s favorite dining experience

The Wall: A Worldly Experience Awaits at the City of Orange’s favorite dining experience

By Michael Vallens

The Wall in the city of Orange is a destination to gather with friends, families and you might even make some new acquaintances. All the while, you get to enjoy an expertly crafted meal with inspiration gathered from years of traveling the world to bring their own unique take on the international street food scene. And what a true culinary adventure it is. In addition, The Wall showcases over 55 craft beers on tap as well as an extensive cocktail menu that will be sure to have something you fancy.

The Wall Exterior

The Wall will soon employ a “Pour it Yourself Drinking Experience” alongside a worldly menu that showcases International Street Food.

The Wall Bar pic 1

Photo: Brett P

While the main menu features The Wall’s take on International Street Food cuisine, all ingredients are locally grown and sourced whenever possible. Keeping a high standard is a priority and it shows in the amazingly flavorful recipes.

The Wall Raspberry Wheat

All menu items are carefully thought out and paired with one their many craft beer offerings. After some carefully consideration, I decided to start with Alaska Brewery’s Raspberry Wheat. This beverage was not only tasty and refreshing, but it seriously changed my life for the better. It was slightly sweet and the essence of fresh raspberries flooded my taste buds to utter satisfaction.

The Wall Elote Fries 2

The Wall has a menu that is perfect for sharing with friends. With that in mind, I decided to start with the incomparable Elote Fries, consisting of hand cut french fries, carnitas, corn off the cob, Cojita cheese, cilantro crema and garlic aioli. With flavors covering all tastes buds in the best way possible, I was wondering how the fine folks at The Wall could top this dish.

The Wall Caprese Skewers

The second plate out was the Fried Caprice Skewers, a unique take on the Italian classic. Buffalo mozzarella and freshly fried red tomatoes are skewered and topped with almond pesto, balsamic vinaigrette and a house hot dust. This dish displayed the remarkable textures starting with the crunch from the fried tomatoes and the creaminess from the Buffalo Mozzarella.

The Wall The Noodle Exchange

Third out was a cold noodle dish known as The Noodle Exchange, comprising of glass noodles, wood ear mushrooms, green onions, peanuts mixed with a mirin soy dressing. I highly recommend ordering this on a hot summer day. The noodles are savory and the wood ear mushroom provides a nice textural bite and earthiness to make this one well-rounded dish.

The Wall Frito Pie

Everyone’s childhood favorite, The Frito Pie was the next offering and it did not disappoint. The Wall prepares this plate with Fritos brand corn chips topped with chili, spicy cheese sauce, a poached egg, cilantro crema and a green onion garnish. Happiness is guaranteed after only one bite!

The Wall Green Chili Crunch Burger

What followed next is the Burger of the Month for June at The Wall, The Green Chili Crunch Burger. This intriguing monstrosity features spicy green chilies, pepper jack cheese, crispy bacon, ghost pepper aioli, tortilla strips all on a cornmeal custom bun. This burger brings some serious flavor and spice. While the spice is abundant, it is not overwhelming at all, but rather enjoyably addictive.

The Wall Choco Taco

For dessert, The Wall offers an astonishing Choco Taco creation that will dwarf the childhood ice cream truck favorite. The ice cream is also from another favorite; Thrifty’s vanilla flavor is portioned inside a fresh chocolate waffle and topped with house chocolate stout sauce, whipped cream and toffee crumble. This desert will satisfy the masses and that is the truth.

The City of Orange has a charming, old school vintage vibe to it. The Wall and the attitude it exudes fits in with the locals. It also gives us a glimpse to the future of food with emphasis on sharing with friends and having a sophisticated adventurously global culinary dining experience.

The Wall

80 Plaza Square

Orange, CA 92868

(714) 988-7700

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