Valentine’s Day 2018 Gift Guide For All Types Of Romance

Valentine’s Day 2018 Gift Guide For All Types Of Romance

You either love it or dread it – Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, and it’s time to pick out a gift! Get ahead of the game, and really knock your love out of the water with a not-so-average gift. Our Valentine’s Day 2018 gift guide covers every type of love and relationship. Trust us, there’s something in here for you!

Splurge Like A California King

Valentine's Day 2018 NECTAR 2

Forget about dressing to impress. Stay in your PJs all day and cozy up with your hunny on your brand new mattress from NECTAR! This is the ultimate gift to “wow” anyone, and you get to enjoy it too. Seriously, this is one of the most comfortable and affordable mattresses out there – you usually have to pick between one aspect or the other! Each mattress is layered with two Gel Memory Foams for body contouring and a special cooling cover to maintain that perfect body temperature all night long. This means more hours you can spend snuggled up to your loved one without having to turn on the noisy bedside fan.

NECTAR Sleep is the ultimate gift for the practical couple. New beginnings, new relationships, newlyweds, new homes – celebrate the day of love by giving the most comfortable mattress to your sweetheart. NECTAR creates a dream oasis, giving all couples a great night’s sleep. To top it off, NECTAR mattresses come at a remarkable value (a California King is only $900)!

Valentine's Day 2018 NECTAR

One more reason why this is one of the best gifts for Valentine’s Day: the innovative packaging is vacuum sealed and rolled tightly, so you won’t be receiving a gigantic expanded mattress at your door! You can easily hide this Valentine’s Day 2018 gift until it’s time to give it. Surprise your babe while they’re at work, and let the mattress expand naturally in your bed frame for them to come home and see! NECTAR mattresses don’t need to be broken in, but you may just want to give it a test run on Valentine’s Day, if you know what I’m sayin’…

Simplicity is Key

Valentine's Day 2018 TOBI blanket

Know any aspiring or real-life mermaids in your life? Or perhaps you need to treat-yo-self this time around on Valentine’s Day 2018? You can’t go wrong with the appropriately titled Ariel Knitted Mermaid Blanket from TOBI! It’s available in two colors: pink and multicolored. If you’re seeing snow on Valentine’s Day, this will be an extra treat, but the knitted material is breathable and comfortable enough to lounge on your living room sofa no matter the weather. Cozy up with someone special that’s “part of your world.”

Valentine's Day 2018 Linger

Sure, you could spend $70 on a perfume that will be added to your hunny’s growing collection of scents, or you could gift Linger Fragrance Primer to make her perfume last longer. That means when your lady comes home from a long day of work, she’ll still have that enticing scent she left in the morning with. It’s sort of like a gift that keeps on giving to everyone! Check out the website, and see how many celebrities are swearing by this fragrance primer.

Valentine's Day 2018 Made for Freedom

Valentine or Galentine, you cannot go wrong with a bangle or piece of bling to celebrate the special ladies in your life. Any old bracelet or necklace, however, does not have the meaning of a Made for Freedom piece. Each handcrafted accessory is made by a woman who is a survivor of human trafficking or who is at risk for becoming a victim. Made for Freedom gives these women the tools they need for a brighter future. Fight for a good cause and make someone special in your life feel like they are a part of the solution with this Valentine’s Day 2018 gift.

Valentine's Day 2018 Instablock

Stuck on ideas for your recent girlfriend or boyfriend? Keep things simple and sweet with Instablock. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, you can have any photo printed on a heart-shaped wooden block. It stands freely, so it makes a cute accent piece and catches more attention than your average photo frame. Instablock makes an equally great gift for your family members or friends!

Great Man-deas

Valentine's Day 2018 Beer Basket

The Beer My Valentine Gift Basket is the ultimate man’s Valentine’s Day 2018 gift, but it’s perfect for any craft brew and snack lover. With six delicious microbrews, including Samuel Adams Seasonal, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Magic Hat #9, Shed Mountain Brown Ale, Redhook, and Smuttynose Old Brown Dog, you’ll totally surprise the recipient by going beyond chocolate-covered-whatevers. The basket comes complete with two gourmet flavors of popcorn, Peppered Beef Jerky, Roasted & Salted Peanuts and more! If beer isn’t your style, you can still check out the other unique baskets on the Gourmet Gift Basket Website.

Valentine's Day 2018 Cameron's Smoker

If your lover has been in search of a healthy way to infuse flavor without the use of fats, salts, oils, or added calories, this stovetop smoker is the Valentine’s Day 2018 gift for them! Perfect for smoking both large and small items on any heat surface, Cameron’s Stovetop Smoker can transform ordinary vegetables into delicious main courses. This must-have item doubles as a steamer, is dishwasher safe, induction capable, and it even includes wood chips and over 250 recipes. Cameron’s Stovetop Smoker is available in original and mini sizes on Amazon and at

Valentine's Day 2018 Cameron Beer Pong

If you’re no chef, but still need to contribute to the Valentine’s Day 2018 party, tote along this portable beer pong table! The collapsible table can be set up indoors or outdoors, so it’s good year-round. It comes with a travel/storage bag, pong balls, and extra pockets to hold your beer cans so you can use both hands to distract your opponent! Surprise your guy with a gift he’ll actually use – find the portable beer pong table on Amazon or at

Lovers & Givers

Valentine's Day 2018 Tani USA

Perhaps you want a less-subtle gift because you don’t have time for playing games this Valentine’s Day. A pair of softer-than-silk undies from Tani USA should do the trick! Literally thinner and softer than silk, the SilkCut Check Boxer Brief is knit in Europe with Micro Modal® Air fabric. The boxers are resilient enough to endure the day but soft enough to stay cool and comfortable as well.  Of course, there are plenty of gifts for women on the Tani USA website as well. Gift something soft to your loved one and treat yourself to a matching pair!

Valentine's Day 2018 gift Satisfyer

You may be a giver, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give to yourself too! Reward yourself after an exhausting January by exhausting yourself in the bedroom with a Valentine’s Day 2018 Gift from Satisfyer. Satisfyer has an all new line of toys, like the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit, Pro Plus Vibration, Pro 4 Couples, and Satisfyer Men. Give yourself some self-care or gift your man or lady with a toy for those seemingly endless business trips away from each other.

Valentine's Day 2018 gift WIYB sample box

What’s In Your Box? is an affordable and discrete monthly subscription service for all things sexy and satisfying. This is a great Valentine’s Day gifting option to all women – whether you are spending the day solo or looking for a romantic evening of surprise fun with your significant other. From a passion-packed vibrator, to sultry body dust, a feather tickler, and more, this one-stop-subscription-shop is what you need to bring the heat for a memorable Valentine’s Day!

Vino Valentine (and then some)

Valentine's Day 2018 Hug Wine

Hug Wine’s sparkling wine cocktail is a unique, Italian drink that can serve all occasions. Whether celebrating a ”Galentine’s Day” or sharing a romantic Valentine’s dinner for two, the uplifting flavors leave everyone happy. This 100% natural premium cocktail is infused with lemon and features mint and elderflower extracts. The sweet notes help the sparkling wine stay light and effervescent, delivering a clean taste and plenty of bubbles. Everyone needs a hug!

Valentine's Day 2018 Snowbird Wine

Created by Chef Jamie McFadden to make food and wine pairing easier, Snowbirds Vintners wines are small lot, limited vintage productions that vary by season. Sourced from grape growers throughout the US, Snowbirds 2017 release included a juicy, fruit forward Lake Chelan AVA Rosé and Grüner Veltliner, as well as a jammy Monterey County Merlot. All of their wines are sustainably sourced and vegan.

Juicy and jammy with notes of cherry pie, plum, and spice, their gold award winning 2013 Merlot makes the perfect partner for a box of gourmet chocolates or filet mignon. It’s smooth and velvety mouthfeel will warm you up this winter, whether you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day or snuggling with your sweetie.  Retailing at $18, Snowbirds wines are available at Whole Foods and select online retailers. Find more info, pairing tips, and recipes at

Valentine's Day 2018 Wild Hibiscus Flower Co

When any bottle of wine just won’t cut it, you can up your cocktail game with edible hibiscus flowers in rose syrup from the Wild Hibiscus Flower Co. Yeah, baby, you can nibble these gorgeous sparkling wine garnishes! Not only are they beautiful to look at, but the sweet and gently floral flavor screams “upscale romance.” Straight from Australia, the Wild Hibiscus Flower Co. also offers flower concentrates (for adding a flavorful pop of color to wine or even water), floral teas, and hibiscus salt. Any of the deliciously elegant gifts can be purchased at

Valentine's Day 2018 Zacapa Rum

Recognized by the World Luxury Association as one of the World’s Top 100 Most Valuable Luxury Brands, Zacapa Rum can be enjoyed for a Galentines night in or a romantic dinner for two on Valentine’s Day. An award-winning premium rum favored by men and women alike, Ron Zacapa 23 Centenario Rum and Ron Zacapa Rum XO make the perfect gift for everyone. Crafted in Guatemala by a female master blender, Zacapa Rum is aged to perfection in the highlands of Quetzaltenango, where the rum develops its complex flavor and character in the appropriately nicknamed “House Above the Clouds,” 2,300m above sea level.

Home Chef’s Night In

Valentine's Day 2018 Cucina Quiche Maker

This perfectly sized kitchen accessory is a compact, brunch style gadget that makes six delicious bite-sized quiches in just minutes! The interior has nonstick coating for easy clean up with a handy-dandy dough cutting circle included for precise preparation every time. It’s available for purchase through two sellers: Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon, or through their direct website at

Valentine's Day 2018 Cucina Bubble Waffle

For the Instagram foodie fanatic: the delicious popular pull apart treats of Hong Kong egg cakes known as egg waffles can be made right in your own kitchen! Using the specialty designed pan you can create bubble-shaped waffles with crispy golden outsides and tender centers. The waffle maker has nonstick coated cooking plates for easy release and convenient cleanup. This Bubble Waffler Maker has an easy-lock closing mechanism and is available in both black and white colors. It’s available for purchase as a Valentine’s Day 2018 gift on Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond and

Valentine's Day 2018 HelloFresh

What better way to share a romantic night in on Valentine’s Day 2018 than by cooking a meal together? Heck, you can make it a regular date-night tradition, thanks to the HelloFresh subscription meal box! Subscriptions start at 3 meals for 2 people per box. You can pick from a variety of absolutely scrumptious and drool-worthy meals, from veggie-friendly pasta dishes to hearty steak dinners. Every meal comes with an easy-to-follow recipe card and all the ingredients you’ll need!

Valentine's Day 2018 Swiss Diamon Egg Sushi Pan

For those who like the whole breakfast-in-bed thing, you can put a twist on your romantic gesture this year around! Surprise your lover with the trending egg-sushi, which is made in a special Tamagoyaki pan. Even better, gift the pan to your aspiring home-chef, and maybe they’ll make you the breakfast in bed!

The innovative Japanese Omelet Pan from Swiss Diamond is perfect for tamagoyaki. Thick, cast aluminum construction cooks the egg layers quickly and evenly, and the unique diamond reinforced coating ensures truly nonstick performance. Unlike other tamagoyaki pans, the Swiss Diamond model will never warp.

Valentine's Day 2018 gift Nocciolata

That popular hazelnut/chocolate spread you know and love may need to take a step aside. Rigoni di Asiago’s Nocciolata is a sustainably-made spread made from fair trade cocoa and the finest quality hazelnuts. It is completely free of GMOs, preservatives, colors, additives, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated fats, and palm oil. That’s a lot of icky things you don’t have to worry about! It’s even available in a certified vegan / dairy free version! Chocolate lover or not, you can end your romantic night on a sweet note.

Make Literal Music In The Bedroom

Valentine's Day 2018 gift Guitar Center

Looking for a Valentine’s Day 2018 gift that is a little more out of the box? If your friend, significant other, or Galentine is into music, surprise them with a gift from Guitar Center! Many of Guitar Center’s gifts can be shipped in as little as three days, so even you last minute gifters out there are out of excuses! For the hands-on musician, an electric guitar kit is perfect! These fruit shaped shakers are ultra-cute too.


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