Unbaked Bar – Cookie Dough You Have to Taste To Believe

Unbaked Bar – Cookie Dough You Have to Taste To Believe

By Samantha Dockser

Photos courtesy of UnbakedBar.com

Unbaked Bar, a new online bakery based out of LA, ships incredibly delicious cookie dough nation wide. And if you live in LA, they deliver! Unbaked Bar specializes in safe-to-eat raw cookie dough. With no eggs and heat-treated flour, this dough is ready to be eaten by the spoonful.

Unbaked Bar

Founder and owner, Olivia, has loved baking ever since she was a little girl. She grew up eating cookie dough right out of the bowl. And, in her teens when she wanted a puppy, she sold cakes in order to raise the money for one.

You could say Olivia had a knack for sweets. And that passion for baking was always with her, but her career initially lead her in the direction of sports journalism. While pursuing her dream, she landed a coveted job at NFL network in LA. But, she quickly realized the job was not all it was cracked up to be. And when football season ended, Olivia was in a pickle. A friend of hers brought up the idea of a company making edible cookie dough.

After tasting all the other products on the market, Olivia concluded none of the dough really tasted like the real, fresh out of the bowl dough she had grown up on. And so Unbaked Bar was born.

Unbaked Bar

Unbaked Bar offers a variety of flavors, including two very special Valentine’s Day options: Pretty In Pink and Crazy For Caramel.

Pretty in Pink is Strawberry Dough made with Strawberry Cake Mix, and loaded with Valentine’s Day Sprinkles for an extra delicious crunch.

Unbaked Bar

I am obsessed with Unbaked Bar’s Crazy For Caramel. This flavor is incredible! As a pretzel lover, I couldn’t be happier with how this tastes. The salty Caramel Pretzels blended with Rich Chocolate dough is heavenly. I wish it was zero calories because I just want to eat it forever.

Unbaked Bar

Another favorite flavor of mine is the The Monster. And it really is a monster cookie dough. It is creamy Peanut Butter Cookie Dough mixed with Chocolate Chips, Rainbow Sprinkles, crunchy M&Ms, and salty Walnuts. It is everything you’ve ever wanted on a sundae all mixed into one dough. So delicious!

Unbaked Bar

And the amazing thing about these decadent types of cookie dough is that they still really do taste like you took a big spoonful of raw dough. I feel so lucky Olivia didn’t like working for the NFL because now that I’ve tasted this dough, I don’t know what I would do with out it.

This is a perfect gift for all the loved ones in your life. Be it for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or just because you feel like it, this cookie dough is everything.

Unbaked Bar

Check out the website, UnbakedBar.com, for more flavors, and stay tuned for all the upcoming seasonal flavors.


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