Ugo’s Kitchen and Bar – They Have the Meats

Ugo’s Kitchen and Bar – They Have the Meats

By Josephine Layug

The Logan Square neighborhood has introduced another exemplary go-to dining spot! Ugo’s Kitchen and Bar is the perfect place to go on a hot date or just hang out with friends. On a Tuesday night, my cousin and I stopped in for a girl’s night to catch up and eat delicious modern Italian food.

While we were deciding on what to eat, we enjoyed a hand crafted cocktail. I had The Vera, which was very refreshing and a nice balance of CH Gin, Chareau Aloe Liqueur, Citrus and Rosemary. My cousin enjoyed the Blood Orange Daiquiri.

Ugo's Kitchen and Bar Charcuterie

For starters, we had the option of building our own Cheese and Charcuterie board with add-ons from a list of Antipasti. We had the Burrata Cheese with Granola, Wine Poached Pears, Pepper Jam, Focaccia Bread and Calamari. we never would have thought to make this combination, but it was delicious!

Ugo's Kitchen and Bar Pepperoni Pizza

Of course, we had to save room for entrees. We shared the Tagliatelle Pasta and a Pepperoni Pizza. The Tagliatelle was a simple pasta with Tomato Broth and Parmesan. With every bite, we could tell that the tomatoes used were fresh – the perfect choice for vegetarians or not-so-fond-of-meat eaters! Our favorite by far was the Pepperoni Pizza at Ugos’s. The pepperoni is housemade and just out of this world. We couldn’t stop eating the pizza because it was so good!

Ugo's Kitchen and Bar Tortelloni

If you are looking for really good, modern Italian food in a casual setting, visit Chef Stephen and his crew over at Ugo’s Kitchen and Bar. You can’t ask for better service and quality of food. Awesome fact: they have a pizza challenge! If you can down 6 whole pizzas in the allotted time, you get your name on the wall and the pizzas are free; but if you don’t finish the 6 pizzas, you will have to pay up (good luck). Go to Ugo’s, bring your friends and family, and you will all have a great time!

Ugo’s is open Sunday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. Ugo’s is closed on Tuesday.

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