Tuck Room North Miami – iPic Theater’s Thrilling Gastro-Pub

Tuck Room North Miami – iPic Theater’s Thrilling Gastro-Pub

Tuck Room North Miami - Gastropub Lounge - courtesy of iPic Theaters


North Miami’s iPic Theater’s in-theater dining is indeed a special treat. However, at their gastro-pub, Tuck Room North Miami, you can enjoy the menu crafted by three-time James Beard Award-winning chef Sherry Yard, and realized by Executive Chef Orlando Arroyo, without seeing a movie.

Tuck Room North Miami is an excellent choice if you just want to wind down after a busy day, catch up with friends, or have an in-depth conversation about the film you just watched over prohibition-themed cocktails and shareable plates of elevated pub fare.

I was thrilled to return to North Miami’s iPic Theater to try the rest of the dining menu. Recently, I reviewed their in-theater dining, iPic Express, which I highly recommend to experience by pre-ordering Premium Plus seating online to one of their scheduled must-see-movies.

Tuck Room North Miami _DIY Old Fashioned

I did not simply order my Old Fashioned from Tuck Room North Miami bar menu, I designed it. An Old Fashioned, Don Draper’s cocktail of choice, is made by muddling sugar with bitters, then adding alcohol.  From spirits choices ranging from rye to rums, I selected the smooth Evan Williams Black Label Bourbon, which has a corn-like sweetness with a hit of vanilla. To sweeten the cocktail, from my options included syrups and agaves, I chose the Florida Organic Turbinado Syrup. The bitters selections were more complex, so I went with the menu’s bolded recommendation, House Spiced Pecan.

The potent DIY cocktail arrived with a trendy over-sized, single cube of ice, and garnished with a row of pecans.

Tuck Room North Miami _Loaded Tater Tots

From the menu of small plates, I started large with the magnificent Loaded Tater Tots. The crispy fried Potato treats were covered with chunks of White Chicken, Cheddar Cheese, Caramelized Red Onions, and Jalapeno slices, with Fresh Green Chives sprinkled on top, and served with Sour Cream and Bacon Ketchup.  I’ve had loaded baked potatoes and super nachos, but this multi-topping snack version is far superior.

tuck room north miami_Filet Slider Trio - courtesy of ipic theaters

For a more refined dish, I suggest the decadent and hearty Filet Sliders. Three buttery, petite Brioche Buns are stuffed with tender Filet Mignon, and topped with Caramelized Red Onions, Wild Arugula, and the perfectly balanced amount of crumbled Bleu Cheese.

Tuck Room North Miami _Caramel Upside Down Cheesecake

To finish, I devoured the Caramel Upside Down Cheesecakea rich layer of baked cheesecake tops a layer of Fuji Apple cake, and all is covered in Caramel sauce and Candied Pecans. This sustainable dessert is quite light.

The Tuck Room North Miami is located at the Intracoastal Mall, inside the iPIC North Miami Theater, at 3701 NE 163rd St, North Miami Beach, FL 33160. For reservations or more information, visit: www.thetuckroom.com

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