Travel Clothes From TOBI – Wanderlusters Love Style Too!

Travel Clothes From TOBI – Wanderlusters Love Style Too!

By Jessica Lewandowski

Don’t panic, there is still time to make a getaway to your favorite vacation spot! We’re all busy, so the last thing anyone has time to worry themselves with is what to pack for traveling! I’ve compiled the best travel clothes from TOBI. Each piece is functional, adorable, and compatible with mixing and matching!

Travel Clothes TOBI Bodysuit

Comfort is key, when it comes to picking out travel clothes! Whether I’m waiting out a layover in the airport or my vacation includes more than lazy beach days, a soft, cozy bodysuit is a must. I love the Alley Rose Ribbed Bodysuit. The soft pink is a killer color on any skin tone. The ribbed material is very comfortable. Plus, the great thing about bodysuits is they can be dressed up or down!

Travel Clothes TOBI Black Shorts

Speaking of comfort, I chose the Brianna Black Drawstring Shorts to pull over my bodysuit. Stretchy shorts are a necessity when packing travel clothes. These are great for when I have a lot of walking to do. They’re also great for when I inevitably add on a few pounds after gorging on vacation food!

Travel Clothes TOBI Maxi Dress

For those of you who aren’t into the whole “doing things” vibe when on vacation, you’ll like this next travel clothes pick from TOBI: the Right Time Light Blue Multi Floral Wrap Maxi Dress. I adore the delicate, white pattern on this dress. It’s perfect for wearing on the beach with a big, floppy hat. It also makes a great dinner-date outfit, whether you’re on a tropical island or visiting a bustling city scene!

Travel Clothes TOBI Wide Pant

The Thea Navy and White Stripe Wide Leg is an essential. It’s another great piece of travel clothes for the “loungers.” The fabric is breathable, but it will also keep your legs warm during windy beach evenings, when the temperature cools down. TOBI offers a matching top with these pants, but the neutral tones leave the pants matchable with so much more.

Travel Clothes TOBI Strappy Sandal

I don’t normally have a lot of space in my luggage to include a lot of shoes. I will from now on always pack my Adrianna Tan Braided Sandals with my travel clothes! These sandals go with my nicer outfits, like the maxi dress and wide pants, but they’re also fabulous for spending the whole day wearing! TOBI just saved me more space in my suitcase for souvenirs!

Travel Clothes TOBI Black Bag

Looking for a stylish carry-on? The Street Beat Black Faux Leather Backpack is just what you need! Maybe you need to pack extra travel clothes, or maybe you have several books you want to bring along for the long plane rides. Either way, this backpack is versatile, goes with everything, and it even lets you choose between wearing it over a single shoulder or as a regular backpack!

TOBI has everything you need when it comes to travel clothes. If you need a few versatile and durable essentials to pack in a suitcase, you must check out the store’s individual shops. Scroll through the Vacation Shop, Swim Shop, and Summer Styles categories to find even more useful travel clothes!

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