Toscana Divino Miami Spice Review

Toscana Divino Brickell Miami Spice Review – A Tuscan Journey

Located in Mary Brickell Village, Toscana Divino brings a taste of Tuscany to Brickell. Recently named the best new Restaurant in Miami by the Miami New Times, Toscana Divino curates Italy’s best ingredients to create a contemporary and traditional Tuscan and Italian menu.  Their wine selection also showcases some of Italy’s best wineries.

Toscana Divino has created a special Miami Spice menu that not only presents some of their most popular offerings, but also educates the guest about the origins of each dish. There are three courses and each takes diners on a historical journey of Tuscany. The cities of Lucca, Livorno, Firenze (Florence), and Siena are among some of the represented regions.

For wine, Toscana’s general manager, Mauro Bortignon, selected both a single red and a white wine to pair with the meal. Though it comes down to personal preference, the 2011 Castello di Altomena Chianti Porto Rubino option held its own when it came to the richer dishes on the menu. This Chianti’s dryer and balanced flavor profile generally matches well with meat and pasta dishes so it was a good accompaniment throughout the entire meal.

Miami Spice Chianti Wine

The first course of the Miami Spice menu sets a high standard for the rest of the dining experience. It’s hard to go wrong with any of the four options. The first item on the menu, the Taglierie Toscana, is a great start.  It consists of Prosciutto (certified product) from Tuscany with homemade fresh ricotta on Tuscan bread served with honey. The Prosciutto’s velvet-like texture, smoky and salty flavor; combined with the ricotta cheese and the sweetness of the honey, was the perfect touch.

Gamberi in Dolceforte is another first course option. This seafood dish features Key West king prawn in a dolceforte sauce. The dolceforte sauce dates back to the 16th century and is made with cinnamon, raisins, pine nuts, sugar and grated chocolate. Fast forward to 2015, and Toscana has adapted this sauce for their Gamberi dish in a way that honors its heritage. At first glance it’s hard to anticipate the flavors. But the first few bites reveal a sweet and tangy flavor that doesn’t overpower the taste of the prawns themselves.

Miami Spice First Course Gamberi in Dolceforte

For beef lovers, Toscano saved the best for last. The final item among the first courses is the Chianti Crudo from Firenze. Its good to note that this creation is only featured on their Miami Spice menu. This dish is a melt-in-your-mouth Wagyu beef tartar with cured egg yolks and “Bottarga” (aka Mediterranean caviar). This beef is so tender, you barely have to chew it. The beef has a buttery texture that’s dressed with heavenly savory, salty and tangy notes.

Miami Spice First Course Beef Tartar

The Second course also consists of four dish options. Once again, all the options are delicious and choosing really comes down to your protein preference.  The Pici Senesi from Siena is a delicious pasta item that puts a spotlight the restaurants duck ragu sauce. The homemade Pici was cooked perfectly and unlike your typical pasta; there is a density and flavor to it that would make it enjoyable even on its own.The addition of the robust and aromatic ragu sauce makes this dish one of the best on the menu.

Miami Spice Second Course Pici Senesi

The Cacciucco dish was the second offering that caught my attention.  This stew of mussels and octopus in a tomato sauce is amazing for seafood lovers. It’s a staple in Tuscany cuisine and the ideal choice if you tend to like fish soups. In this presentation, the broth came in second to the perfectly cooked mussels and tender pieces of octopus, which were the main attraction. For a dish that seems to have some basic fresh ingredients, it’s full of flavor. The grilled bread at the top was the perfect final touch for dipping in the sauce in the end.

Miami Spice Second Course Cacciucco

Dessert is the final course. Toscana created two liqueur based treats. A spoon is not required for their Cantucci E Vin Santo. This dessert consists of a biscuit made with pine nuts and toasted almonds that you dip into a glass of Vin Santo. Vin Santo is a very sweet Italian dessert wine with an almost syrupy texture.  The biscuit, when dipped into the wine absorbs the flavor without losing its crispiness. It’s brilliant in its simplicity.

Miami Spice Dessert- Cantucci E Vin Santo

The alternative is their Zuppa Inglese in Alkermes. Elegantly served in a martini glass, this dessert is an Italian twist on an English classic. Layers of amaretto cookies, limoncello cream, fresh berries, and the vibrantly red Alkermes liqueur make this a sweet, tart, creamy, and distinctive dessert.

Dessert Zuppa Inglese In Alkermes

Miami Spice Dessert Zuppa Inglese In Alkermes

Toscana’s Miami Spice menu runs from August 1st to September 30th. The entire menu is available on their site here.

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