Top Artists to See at Dirtybird Campout East

Top Artists to See at Dirtybird Campout East

Dirtybird Records has done some amazing things over the years, especially when it comes to their fan base. Not only have they won countless awards like Record Label of the Year, Best American DJ: Claude Vonstroke, and being listed on several Top Festivals to Attend lists, Dirtybird players have continued to maintain a relationship with their fans like I’ve never seen. This has only continued to grow each year after Dirtybird Campout was born.

Most attendees are either die-hard fans for years or new fans converted by those die-hards. The beauty of Campout comes from that true appreciation of the music from artists and festival goers alike while mixed with a nostalgic summer camp experience.

As the weekend is fast approaching, we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss our top list of acts to see. Aside from the given can’t miss sets from top dogs like Claude Vonstroke/Barclay Crenshaw, Justin Martin, Shiba San, and Green Velvet, here are our additional artists not to miss at the first edition of Dirtybird Campout East Coast taking place next weekend in St. Could, FL


1. BOT 

BOT at Dirtybird Campout East


London based producer, BOT has a futuristic techno and unorthodox club rhythm welded with hip hop influences, and a nod to the sounds and sprit of classic house. With releases also on Main Course, This Aint Bristol, Relief, and Perfect Driver, BOT has created a huge fan base from his consistently infectious sound.



2. Prok + Fitch


Prok + Fitch at Dirtybird Campout East


Ben Prok and James Fitch are one of the most exciting and acclaimed DJ/Production duos in House Music today. With their original tracks all over Beatport and across night clubs everywhere, their rise to success has been swift and unrepentant. They have always managed to keep their music fresh and diverse while staying true to their distant sound.



3. Destructo

Dirtybird Campout East

His fame speaks for itself, being the father of HARD Events and president of LiveStyle, Gary Richards has been DJing and producing since the early 90s. His music has been seen on Hits HARD, Boysnoize Records, and Night Bass with collaborations with Deadmau5, Justice, Wax Motif, E40, Skrillex, and Diplo to name a few.




4. Fisher

Dirtybird Campout East

A former pro surfer from Sydney, Australia, Paul Fisher’s debut release, Ya Kidding was one of the biggest waves among Dirtybird fans. With early support from Green Velvet, Eats Everything, Justin Martin, Latmun, and more, this guy knows how to make bangers. Later releases like Ya Didn’t, Stop it, and Oi Oi, continued to impress with not one single track that doesn’t make us want to immediately get on the dance floor.



5. Get Real

These two went back to back for a while before making it official, but the two decided to tie the knot near the end of 2015 merging their musical inspirations from their home-towns of Detroit and Chicago.  The first Get Real EP featured two slices of amazing future funk from these two creative giants and quickly their first track, Mind Yo Business, became a classic tune in the Dirtybird scene.



6. Craze

Dirtybird CampoutCraze has been in the music scene since the early 90s and the only solo DJ in history to claim the DMC World DJ championship trophy 3 consecutive times. With his own Slow Roast Records created in 2009 alongside, Kill the Noise, Miamians will never forget those Slow Roast parties at The Garret. Obviously, influenced by the Miami Bass movement, Craze has always brought a powerhouse mix of hip-hop, trap, and drum and bass to the turntables.



7. Sebastien V

The very new and excited alias created by Kill Frenzy to explore some deeper and different sounds is making a surprise appearance. Sebastien V debuted with Dirtybird with his remix of Fisher’s, Ya Kidding and then released his first track, Funkulate during the Dirtybird BBQ tour, which was featured in the Secret Ingredients compilation and brought a fun different vibe to dance to. Knowing Kill Frenzy’s style, we’re looking forward to see what he’ll bring for us as Sebastien V.



8. Walker & Royce

Dirtybird Campout EastSam Walker and Gavin Royce teamed up in 2011 after being introduced to New York Cities mid-2000s dance music Scene and we couldn’t be more thankful for this duo. Now, six years later, their signature sound and growing catalogu has released their debut album, Self Help on Dirtybird with favorites like Rub Anotha Dub and Take Me to your Leader, which instantly became a Dirtybird fan favorite bringing out all the aliens and cyborgs to play.




9. Christian Martin

Dirtybird Campout East

Christian Martin is blessing us with a special Sunrise Set on the first night of the weekend, closing out The Birdhouse stage from 5:30am-7am and you’re going to want to stay up for that one, so prepare those bodies! Brother of Justin Martin, both have been known to do Drum and Bass sets together, which debuted at the first Dirtybird Campout West in 2015. However, Christian has a completely individual sound with those very spacey, trippy, and wild alien beats. With that niche, he recently started his own label, Trippy Ass Technologies to highlight that style through technology and large scale sounds systems.




10.  Soul Clap

Dirtybird Camput EastThis duo has brought a kaleidoscope of new sound and color to House scene. With their own Soul Clap Records releasing tracks by artists like Doc Martin and Nick Monaco, fans can rest assured there’s so much more to come from this dynamic duo.Always pushing new boundaries, always traveling through time and space, The Clap is on a mission to change the world one dance floor at a time.



But honestly, this was probably the toughest Top 10 I’ve ever had to compile because there is not one single artist at Dirtybird Campout East not worth seeing. Not one. Between the old school homies coming out to play, the hot, new artists getting noticed, and the OG Dirtybird players we all love, this line-up is one for the books so get ready for a weekend of a lifetime because Dirtybird Campout East is here!

Dirtybird Campout East

Tickets are still on sale so don’t miss out on the experience of a lifetime. Full lineup, schedule, list of activities and games, plus additional information can also be found on the Dirtybird Campout East website. See you on the dance floor!

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