Top 11 Acts Not to Miss at Okeechobee Music Festival

Top 11 Acts Not to Miss at Okeechobee Music Festival

It’s almost that time of the year again, of course I’m talking about festival season.  The weather gets warm, the sun stays up longer and the nights are filled with the sounds of our favorite musicians.  It’s the time annual festivals start getting ready to battle for the title of Best line up of the year. Well let us throw the first contender for the belt in the ring, ladies and gentlemen, the Okeechobee Music & Arts festival.  The 2017 installment of this potential power house has a lineup that will be remembered. Doesn’t matter what genre you are into, they have something you’ll want to experience.  This, in my opinion, is the sure fire way to ensure the best festival experience for all attendees. With a melting pot of music you are sure to get exposed to new sounds you never knew you needed in your life.  You will get to open your mind and heart to people who aren’t represented in your everyday bubble. Finally, this is how you meet the real festival goers that make every fest what it is, a family affair. So join us while we adventure south of the Okefenokee to rage at the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival!!

GRIZ – The saxophone master has had an exceptional year. Following 2015’s monumental release of  Say It Loud, his Good Will Prevail tour sold out every venue it booked. This collaborative genius always brings the best for his live shows, we can only speculate who he’ll drag to Okeechobee Music fest!?  The studio albums are amazing, but his freestyled live sets are unforgettable and full of “member berries”   The vibe of Florida will make this a serious set to remember.  Stay funky.

Pretty Lights (Live) – DVS and the boys take the number one spot for multiple reasons. Admittedly a little bias, I personally have seen Pretty Lights more than any other artist in my 35 years Big Fan. BUT, this last year Derek took the PL experience to never before seen heights both visually and musically. The Pretty Lights Live band is beyond legit in every direction with superstars hand picked for the collab. I had the the amazing privilege of photographing Chris Karns and PL for the Episodic Adventures at Red Rocks and Telluride last fall.  If you made it to T-Ride you were lucky like me.  A full throttle, fast paced show with an all new laser cage and every damn song or remix you wanted to hear. Get your festival face ready, I guarantee this set will be The One. 

Anderson .Paak & the Free Nationals – Who went to X-Games Aspen a couple weeks ago?? We did!! and Anderson .Paak & the Free Nationals were the absolute best set of the weekend.  It was my first time catching .Paak live, it absolutely changed my life. He gave everything to the crowd, everything you wanted to hear right from the go. The energy was insane from start to finish, paired. You could feel how excited he was to be doing his thing in Aspen, Colorado, in a place he had never been.  Now he descends on Okeechobee Music Fest to give his all, yet again, to a diverse crowd of musical fiends. Go see this one.  You will thank me later.

Flume –  Grammy winner Harley Streten aka Flume is a show that will deliver all the feels.  A massive stage set up matched with deep intricate melodies will tickle every sense you have.  From beginning to end you’ll be immersed in bass and notes made to send chills down your back.  Just got to ring in the New Year with Flume and it’s possibly my fav of all times.  I want everyone to get those “feels’ so make this a must see set.  Congrats to Flume on his Grammy win, can not wait to see what’s next.

Mike Posner – I like Mike Posner.  I took a pill in Ibiza was a fun single released in 2015 that gave Posner the notoriety to collab with everyone.  So far for 2017, he has colored his hair green and made quite the seen at the Grammy’s! An obvious attention grab, but i can dig it. Do you Mr. Posner.

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic – You’ve got a real type of thing going down, gettin’ down, there’s a whole lot of rhythm going round. Only means one thing, We want the funk!!!  He said it first back in 1975 and it’s still true to this day.  Dr. Funkenstein has the sounds to cure even the most serious of funkless cases. This is a pioneer funk band that has withstood the test of times. Not only for the funkiest of funkers but for us Hip-Hop loving funk heads as well. George Clinton took an Elvis Presley song and made it one of the most memorable cuts on Dr. Dre’s iconic album The Chronic.  Swing down, sweet chariot stop and let me ride, all the way to Florida for some P-Funk. If you have not been acquainted with this group, get ready for a funkin good time.  They are legends in this game and this song seems strangely appropriate for our current times.

Bassnectar – Lorin pretty much has a spot on every list made.  Besides being a good human, he always has a way to surprise and shock the festival goer, no matter how many times you have seen him. If you were lucky enough to be in Aspen for the X-Games, you saw possibly one of his best sets ever.  If you went to Decadence NYE Denver,  you got dark noises and pain.  Festivals tend to bring out the best in artists and Lorin is no different.  So bring your earplugs, get there a day early and make sure to stretch.

Snails – Looking for some bass to go with your need for trappy ass beats?  Snails has you covered.  This beyond creative artist comes out with a style all his own.  Whether you want to headbang or actually dance, this is one we can all bounce together too.  Currently making his way through the US on tour. Snails will make Okeechobee Music and Arts a wild Bass filled experience for all.

Kings of Leon – Kings of Leon came from humble beginnings in Nashville, to selling out stadiums around the country.  Now they will be the main event for the Okeechobee Music festival.  This Blues rock band of brothers has been doing this a very long time and is sure to make their mark in Florida.  I’ve caught then a few times and it’s always been a quality show.

Porter Robinson – At 24 Porter Robinson has already been around the scene and back again, twice. Working with just about every top headlining electronic producer on the planet, his library of hits is very extensive. Get ready for a moody, energized and downright soul touching performance. He’s got all the right sounds to hit you in the feels. Okeechobee Music and Arts festival will be an amazing backdrop for this incredibly unique performer. See y’all at Porter Robinson, as always, left side stage front! Not to be missed!!!!

Wiz Khalifa – Have blunts rolled and weed ready, Wiz Khalifa puffs with Snoop and expects you to act accordingly.  I haven’t seen Wiz live but hear great things.  I caught him recently on Martha and Snoops Potluck Dinner Party and he was awesome. So enthralled with Martha and her cooking techniques.  Wiz was all about it and you could tell.  I like seeing the human side of these artists and that genuinely made me a fan.  Wiz Khalifa will surely never make fried chicken the same again.  Go get Lit and show some love, puff puff pass, don’t screw up the rotation.

It’s my favorite season every year. Festival season means Sun, fun and new friends. Okeechobee Music & Arts is going to set the bar high for all festivals to follow.  Here’s who we are excited for, who are you ready to see??  See you beautiful folks in Florida!!

Who’s excited for Electric Forest!? We can barely contain ourselves, go check it out!!

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