The Poke House – Bringing Hawaii to Florida

 The Poke House – Hawaii in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is officially stepping their game up! The Poke House is your teleportation to Hawaii. This place has such a “chill” vibe going with their surf board tables, parrot wall paper and charred pineapple sake. You read that right, we’ll get back to that. The music on their playlist and attention to detail with the restaurant décor makes you feel like you’re on vacation.

Let’s get to the goods. Owner, Memphis guided us through the menu with helpful, honest suggestions. You MUST I repeat, you MUST order the pipeline nachos [tuna or salmon served over house made wonton chips,with baby kale, pico, scallions, cream cheese, black radish, avocado, red topico and chipotle mayo]. These are to die for. The tuna is ice cold and fresh tasting, the house made wonton chips are delicious AND salted, big time detail right there. Anyone who knows me knows that I will eat anything with cream cheese in it took these nachos to another level. I liked the uniqueness of having the baby kale in there too.

Drink break! The Poke House is one of very few restaurants to have sake on top. Memphis explained that this also allows them to infuse it. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m not usually a sake fan but MAN this charred pineapple infusion turned me into a believer! So smooth and flavorful. I’m looking forward to see what they make next!

poke house =charred-pineapple-sake

We had to try a poke bowl (obviously), so naturally we tasted two. The Venice Beach [Salmon marinated in sesame soy blend, white rice, salsa verde, avocado, serrano chili, baby heirloom tomato, scallions, pickled ginger, seaweed salad, crispy lotus, cucumber, red onion and masago].

poke house - venice-beach-bowl

The Cocoa Beach Florida [ Tuna or hamachi marinated in sesame soy blend, quinoa, salsa fresca, orange segments, fresno, daikon radish sprouts and crushed plantain chips]These bowls are packed with ingredients, the protein included. You might even need to share one! The fish is so fresh, the ingredients are top line and the flavor profiles are on point. There are options for everyone, choose from a chef created prepared bowl or create your own!

poke house - cocoa-beach-florida-bowl

Do yourself a favor and grab a chocolate mousse before you leave and DO NOT share it. This thing is out of control. So delicious.

poke house - chocolate-pudding_mousse

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