Tacology Media Cooking Class with Chef Santiago Gomez

Tacology Media Cooking Class with Chef Santiago Gomez

Hello dearest foodies, I am back again to talk about one of my favorite restaurants that I have reviewed in the past here, Tacology! Tacology is a gem of a Mexican restaurant located on the third floor of the spanking new Brickell City Centre. This place is aesthetic to the max, with the food tasting as amazing as the presentation itself. We were invited to a cooking class hosted by the executive chef himself, Santiago Gomez. This was such a fun experience and we certainly enjoyed ourselves and learned a few things along the way!

To start with, we learned how to make our own salsa in the old fashioned manner by mashing up cilantro, peppers, and onions together in a mortar and pestle. It definitely takes some effort to grind up all the ingredients into that lovely salsa texture we all enjoy and left me with a new respect of the effort that goes into creating these delightful dishes.

Tacology Salsa Ingredients

After that we munched on chips and guacamole, queso fundido with chorizo, ceviche, and chilaquiles whilst waiting for our turn to hand make our tacos with the chef. All of these dishes are so awesome, my favorite being the red snapper ceviche which I raved about in my initial review of the restaurant too.

Tacology Guacamole

Tacology Ceviche

Tacology Queso Fundido

Tacology Chilaquiles

Then came the best part! Making tacos with the chef. We were invited to go behind the line in the kitchen to the hand pressed taco maker. The taco corn flour comes directly from Mexico and is pressed into the taco wraps onsite. Chef Gomez assisted in cranking out the tacos, and we placed it onto the grill and watched it heat up nice and soft. Then we added our meat of choice and the lovely chefs garnished it and brought it to the table. This was a fabulous interactive aspect of the dinner and really made it so memorable.

Tacology Pollo Tacos

We also got the choice to sip on a variety of cocktails, my favorite being the Illumination! I love the way this is served, inside a lightbulb in a bowl of ice. The Illumination is made with Ilegal Mezcal Joven, mango infusion, mint, lime juice, and agave and I highly recommend.

Tacology La Illumination

Once we finished devoured our tacos, everyone was so full we couldn’t handle anymore. But of course, I can’t do a proper review without talking about the desserts. The flan here is the best!!!! I come from a Hispanic background so I am very particular about flan, but this one definitely passed the test. It was creamy and not too sweet or bland, garnished with beautiful edible flowers. We also tasted the guava cheesecake which I am also a huge fan of.

Tacology Flan

Tacology Guava Cheesecake

At the end of our dinner we received this amazing goodie bag with a fresh pressed juice, a hand fan, tacology buttons, and traditional Mexican cookies. It was an awesome evening and I hope Tacology hosts more cooking classes like this one soon! But don’t wait for a cooking class! Check out their menu here and stop in anytime!

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