Swine- A place where Jews and Muslims May Both Dine in Peace

Swine- A place where Jews and Muslims May Both Dine in Peace

Swine Restaurant is a quaint little joint situated in the heart of Coral Gables with a menu that features- you guessed it- all things piggly wiggly with a nice helping of southern hospitality. No part of the pig goes to waste here! Being that the hedonist and I don’t dine on the swine, we are giving this restaurant review a unique twist in that we tried everything Swine has to offer that didn’t contain pork. We still left with bellies almost full to bursting which is a wonderful testament to the diverse menu that Swine has to offer.

We began our gastronomic journey with the highly recommended smokin’ buffalo bites. These were juicy and tender boneless chicken bites tossed in smokin’ swine sauce and sprinkled with chives. The smokin’ swine buffalo sauce was perfection, beyond flavorful and slightly hot to the tongue. We devoured these flavorlicious delectables within minutes of them being served. Possibly the BEST wings we have ever had!!

Swine Smoking Buffalo Bites

Following that we enjoyed the kale salad which was made up of aged cheddar, green apple, ol’ Bulleit raisins, cornbread croutons, and cider vinaigrette. This crispy and refreshing salad was the perfect complement to the buffalo bites. The tender baby kale with the sharp cheddar and the tangy green apple made such an incredible infusion of flavors, topped with the crunchy cornbread croutons and marinated in the cider vinaigrette I could barely handle the multitude of textures and tastes I was experiencing with each bite!

Swine Kale Salad

I don’t know how we managed but we also thoroughly enjoyed the lewellyn’s fried chicken ‘n grits. With half of a chicken deep fried and breaded to crispy perfection, served with a side of jalapeño cheddar grits and a dollop of red eye panther gravy, this dish was southern hospitality expressed in culinary language. The jalapeño cheddar grits were a unique dish- I enjoyed the smoky hot flavor of the peppers mashed within the cheesy goodness of the grits. Also as a side we ordered the Brussel sprouts and you have to get them!!!! They were roasted with spiced tupelo honey and are hands down my favorite Brussel sprouts that I’ve ever tried. I could not stop eating them even though I was so full.

Swine Llewyn fried chicken

Swine Tupelo Spiced Honey Brussels Sprouts

Libations and desserts go together with southern food like cheese and wine. We couldn’t be proper donists without trying either! I ordered the delicious Penicillin cocktail which was made up of Dewars whiskey, orange blossom honey, lime juice islay, scotch floater, and garnished with a piece of candy ginger. It was tart and strong and crispy, like my grandmother’s favorite beverage to serve when I was feeling sick as a kid.

Swine Penicillin Cocktail

We also tried a delicious dessert that is currently not offered on Swine’s menu. We don’t mean to tease you, but this dessert was offered during Miami Spice 2016 and you MUST come back and try their dessert for Spice this year! They were salted caramel pecan donuts served with a side of honey butter ice cream and they were out of this world! Warm and soft on the inside with crunchy pecans and warm caramel on top, I loved the combination of salty and sweet.

Swine Donut Dessert

Swine has something on the menu to offer for everyone, and in this article we simply covered all things not pork, but if you dine on the swine this is the best restaurant to do so and we highly encourage you to come and try their pork dishes as well as the fabulous ones covered in this article. You can preview the menu on their site here! Happy Dining readers!

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