Swap.com – Dressing Like Queens and Kings for Way Less

Swap.com – Dressing Like Queens and Kings for Way Less

Written and photos by Jessica Lewandowski

I’m going to get a little close and personal with y’all for a minute. I’m having one of those transitional periods in my life where everything is changing and I have to take things a day at a time. Sometimes, I have to indulge my basic side, and nothing can comfort me better than a little retail therapy! Unfortunately, being a twenty-something-year-old also means I am always borderline broke. Swap.com saved the day (and my wallet), and I went on a little shopping spree recently. I can’t wait to show you guys my favorite finds!


A little Jessica Personal History: I was a thrift shop princess growing up. My mother was a very frugal person, so every clothing item I wore as a kid was either a hand-me-down or a thrift store buy. I know my thrift stores pretty well, so it really means a lot when I say Swap.com is a fantastic online thrift store and consignment shop – I was truly impressed.

For one, there is a huge selection of clothing, accessories, shoes, baby and maternity wear, toys, and even decor. I kept my focus on clothing for this round of shopping, and I loved that I didn’t have to sift through hundreds of old shirts before finding a deal. I was able to narrow my search by the usual criteria, as well as the condition of clothing from fair, good, like new, and new with tags – I didn’t have to worry I was going to receive a shirt riddled with holes or stains. Plus, all the photos are of the actual products, so you can clearly see what you’re buying.

The prices on Swap.com are awesome. I bought 7 items for under $100! Take a look at my favorite pieces I bought:

Swap.com Romper

This romper from Kiar Man Tou is seriously one of the cutest outfits I’ve ever bought. It fits perfectly, and the pattern is little kitty faces! I bought this in new condition with tags – $14.00.

Swap.com Jacket

Fall isn’t too far away, so I tried to shop with that in mind. This Gallery coat has removable layers, and it looks brand new. This is easily the best bargain I found all day – $26.00

Swap.com Overalls

I have been hunting for a pair of overalls all year that fit well and don’t cost $40+. These Hollister overalls are so soft and like new – $7.00 (oh my gosh!)

Swap.com Shoes

I love the deep color of these American Eagle flats. This was the only item I bought that was in “fair” condition. There was one teeny little scuff at the toe that is practically impossible to notice – $13.00

I feel in love with everything I bought from Swap.com. Good news, though: if there’s anything you don’t like or that doesn’t fit, you can return it for a full refund! Every item came individually packaged, and nothing smelled old or used. I will absolutely shop on Swap.com again.

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