Summer Fashion & Gear to Enhance Your Summers

Summer Fashion & Gear to Enhance Your Summers

Some people are lucky enough to have summer year round. For those that aren’t, take full advantage of the season and doll yourself up with the below items to spruce up your Summer Fashion and lives. From beauty products to clothes to bubbly in hand and beach towels on your cute behind, we have got you covered literally head to toe and then some with some of our favorite Summer fashion and gear. 

Summer Fashion Purxury Shampoo

Everyone’s eating well to be in shape and be able to show off that summer fashion bod so why not be more mindful of one’s skin and hair products? Purxury is redefining the beauty space by providing small batched artisanal bath products. Innovation runs through Maria Lopez-Judd’s blood, as the bottles were purposefully black in order to protect ingredients from light exposure. If you’ve been out at the beach too long, look to the Rescue Facial Oil ($49) to help restore dry skin. Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Fruit Oil and Argan Oil, among others combine together to form an elixir that soothes, nurtures and moisturizes your face leaving you invigorated. To keep the skin glowing, make sure to dab on some Night Hydrating Serum + Cleanser ($49). Purely Harvested Rosewater, Organic Jojoba and many more ingredients and natural oils will keep your skin as smooth as a baby’s bum.  Additionally, their hair line is a nice and all organic, natural way to clean, soothe, and condition your beautiful summer hair with Mint Nutritive Shampoo & Conditioner ($42 each).

 Summer Fashion Aspire Eyewear

Light and flexible aren’t the first things that comes to mind with a pair of glasses and sunglasses. A new nylon polymer material called SDN-4 makes them light as a feather. Aspire glasses come with a seamless hinge and shnazzy nose grip system which make them perfect for an outdoor adventure, whether by land or sea. You can wear them outside as long as you like as they are resistant to heat and UV exposure and will not fade with the sun.

Summer Fashion Halftee

Halftee is sure to be a favorite when you wear it underneath tops, tunics, dresses and more. True to its name, this breathable, rose petal soft shirt is small enough that you could tuck it under a dress or top or wear it solo. Stand out on vacation with this unique shirt by strutting your stuff heading poolside on a hot summer day or wear it casually under a dress to a summer movie gathering.

Summer Fashion Yogaletics Wear

Yoga pants are the new black of fashion. Buying into this and wanting to provide a line that is determined to provide high quality athletic wear for every body type, Monroe began Yogaletics Wear. The elastic nature of the top accentuates but helps reduce the dreaded muffin top and camel toe. #Winning. These stylish pants are odor proof, easy to wash and pack. Whether you’re heading to your favorite hip hop yoga class or just looking for comfortable pants to run errands in, Yogaletics Wear has got your back, literally.

Summer Fashion Novesta

Handcrafted in Slovakia to the highest standard of ecomanufacturing, Novesta is hitting the streets. Sizing is unisex 35 – 46 ($89 for low tops). Quality is as important a factor as the style of the shoe. Around since 1930, Novesta manufactures according to the highest environmental standard. You’ll feel good about the environment as you’re catching a cool breeze by the palm tress knowing that they are only made of certified materials of natural rubber and 100% cotton and linen.

Summer Fashion Yonanas

Summer sun makes you wanting something ice cold. Generally, one’s mind immediately runs to ice cream. Torturing oneself, one might ponder having ice cream or a sexy summer body. With Yonanans ($49), you don’t have to choose. This nifty gadget turns frozen fruits into ice cream. Dairy and artificial ingredients are tossed out the window so you don’t have to worry about all the sugar going to your hips. Toss some mango in the machine and have a guilt free treat. If you’re trying to try something different, incorporate mango and avocado for an earthy flavor to result from the combination of two seeded fruits with opposing flavor profiles.

Summer Fashion Contadi Castaldi Brut

Pop, fizzle, sip. Produced in northern Italy of Franciacorta, Contadi Castaldi ($24) is a sparkling wine not to miss. It is created by the traditional method of refermentation in the same bottle, known in France as the “classic method.” Drop in a popsicle in the glass or serve straight up and you’ll be sure to be making friends with everyone at your next pool party.

Summer Fashion Pizza Blanket

Summer fashion should include sunbathing in a bikini with a chilled drink in hand, people might try and crack a ‘cheesy’ joke to get in on the fun of this pizza towel ($29.99). Should you think they’re cute, invite them in as the towel is 5 feet across. If you’re more feeling yourself than others for the day, pretend to be leaving at this blanket doubles for a beach towel.

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