STK Miami Review – A Tasty Return

STK Miami has reopened after two years adrift, which we are assuming was a rehab stint from its previous hard partying ways. Thankfully, STK Miami has returned with a delectable vengeance. While it is still a trendy venue, STK has reemerged more focused on its cuisine then being “a scene.” Chef Aaron Taylor is also back with some new goodies. We were thoroughly impressed with everything they served us as part of the media tasting. While the steak was great, there were four non-steak dishes that we adored even more.

StK Miami Steakhouse

The first dish to make our eyes widen was a sexy, succulent Seared Octopus with a slight char and mild spice. It was served with purple potatoes, capers, and heirloom tomatoes. Octopus is difficult to cook properly and can sometimes be a bit chewy, but ours was perfect.



The most inventive and probably favorite dish of the night was the Scallop served atop short rib marmalade, squash puree, and pomegranate. This decadent version of Surf n’ Turf  was jampacked with flavor as the sweet short rib played harmoniously with the marvelous scallop.




The Duck Breast and Leg, one of the new items on the menu, was glorious. The leg was transformed into a mound of savory confit served as a roulade.  The breast had a uniquely delightful coating of cinnamon, brown sugar, curry and French chili pepper. As if there were not enough flavors on the plate, there was also an apricot-pistachio chutney and pickled red cabbage. It was a well executed and complex duck.


You must save room for  dessert because the Churro Milkshake – dulce de leche ice cream, cinnamon liquor & a small bucket of  warm airy churros, definitely “brings all the boys (and girls) to the yard!” It is way too deelish, festive and pretty not to slurp on. We are sure Kelis would approve.


stk churro

STK is back, sexier and more delectable than before. Definitely swoop in if you are hungry, thirsty for some creative mixology, or just want to pick up a new South Beach bae.

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