Spris South Miami Review – Spris Crispy Pizza Keeps You Pining for More

Spris South Miami Review – Spris Crispy Pizza Keeps You Pining for More

By Elise Rodriguez – Publicist by day and blogger for Glam Piece by night… and weekends.

Spris South Miami finds itself amidst a sea of cutely tucked away shops and restaurants. Stepping inside the restaurant, the spot’s charming brick walls and rustic décor immediately win you over. You know you’re in a pizza restaurant – and a damn good one. But while Spris’s thin-crust pizza undoubtedly sets the bar high for a chain pizza spot, it’s appetizers and add-ons are what really set it apart.

Below are my favorite must-try dishes from my visit to Spris in South Miami.

Bruschetta Classica

Spris South Miami Bruschetta Classica and Bruschetta with Avocado

While most lovers of Italian food have surely tried their fair share of bruschetta dishes, Spris’s Bruschetta Classica adds a spicy and savory note to the normally light dish. The dish has all the classic nodes of delicious bruschetta: fresh country bread, olive oil and diced marinated tomatoes – but a hint of oregano, basil, and melty mozzarella makes this dish taste more like a chicken parmesan without chicken. The spiciness is unexpected and keeps you going back for more, making the dish an easy favorite all Italian lovers will enjoy.

Bruschetta with Avocado

Yup – I’m writing about another Bruschetta. Firstly because I just love bread (cue Oprah), and secondly because Spris gets avocado toast right. By throwing on fresh goat cheese, the toast has a delectable and unexpected saltiness. I’d also like to point out that I’m not normally a fan of goat cheese as I usually find it overpowering, but combined with fresh, light avocado slices, we’ve got a winning appetizer on our hands. #AvocadoToastForever.

Marco Polo Salad

Spris South Miami Marco Polo Salad

This Thai-inspired dish in not the salad you’d expect to see at an Italian restaurant – but I’m so thankful it’s on the menu. The salad features spicy Thai chicken, freshly chopped cabbage, cucumbers, crispy wontons, chili dressing and a nutty dressing throughout. Spris’s thoughtful way of combining ingredients again made me a believer of something I’m not normally a fan of – this time, it was peanut-infused dressing. I usually stay far, far away from Pad Thai, but this dressing, with just a slight hint of nutty flavor, added a nice touch to an otherwise spicy dish. I’d travel Marco Polo’s voyage and back for another bite!

Capricciosa Pizza

Spris South Miami Capricciosa Pizza

The Capricciosa is pretty much pizza paradise for veggie lovers and meat lovers alike. Featuring sliced ham, mushrooms, olives, artichokes and a hint of basil, the pizza’s topics hit all the necessary marks for a balanced and savory pie. Spris get thin-crust, crispy pizza right, allowing you to finish a good two (or three) slices without feeling like you ate your day’s worth of calories.

Overall, Spris South Miami is a pizza place you can trust. You’ll come for the thin-crust pizza, but leave with a few new favorite dishes and an appreciation for South Miami’s unmistakable, humble and homey vibes.

Spris South Miami is located at 5748 Sunset Dr, South Miami, FL 33143. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop for enticing new recipes and events.

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