Sonic Bloom Line Up – Filling the Southern Colorado Air with Music

Frolic through the Unified Field at Sonic Bloom 2018 – A glimpse at the lineup to set the soundtrack to a magical weekend.

Ever been to a festival where creativity, passion, learning, music, and a whole bunch’a hammocks all come together? Thats Sonic Bloom – Coming to Colorado, June 14-17.

After a 5-year search (of their 10-year overall run) Sonic Bloom found its home nestled at the base of the Spanish Peaks, in Hummingbird Ranch, CO. If you’ve never been, this area is truly the most magical setting for any experience, let alone a festival like Sonic Bloom. Check out the scene for yourself:


As you can see, Sonic Bloom is the kind of festival where there is so much more to do than just jam out to music. From earth-and-community conscious workshops courtesy of the Permaculture Action Network, to yoga classes and live painting experiences, you can create a weekend filled with memories that will travel with you for a lifetime. But, of course, music is what truly brings us all together. So, I am here to talk about the expansive lineup that will fill the Southen Colorado air with transformative sounds, and eclectic beats.

Colorado is gaining a name for itself in the music world more and more every year. Red Rocks, of course, is a coveted venue for artists to bring out the very best in their talent – you can feel the musical energy of the state, even in the thin thin air at the top of a 14er. Sonic Bloom is no exception to artists wanting to bring their all to any Colorado stage.

Sonic Bloom’s 2018 lineup has managed to both step-up and stay relativly consistant with the theme of last year’s lineup. Step up by bringing even more talent to the grounds, and consistant in the fact that there is a little something for every music listener out there. My favorite kind of festival.

Now, Sonic Bloom isn’t your typical “electronic” music festival, like I said there is something for everyone – you’ll be seeing some of the most unique artists in the industry. Simon Posford, of Shpongle, will be in attendance, sending out psychedelic trance vibes as Android Jones (the visial artist wizard who has dazzled crowds from Bassnectar to Tipper) sends us into another world completely.

Beats Antique will be perfoming, pounding their drums and blowing their horns in their true burlesque-circus-psychedelic style. Of course, there will be plenty of Colorado representation coming to the Sonic Bloom stages as well. SoDown, hailing from Boulder, has been making a name for himself over the past few years – from an afternoon set at Arise in 2016, to being a “top list” artist at Bloom, SoDown’s funky sax and electronic vibes will no doubt draw a crowd.

A big Colorado favorite, BreakScience will also be in attendance – Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee masterfully mash their production styles seamlessely, creating an electronic style thats all their own. If you’ve never been to a show of theirs, you’ll see how they mesh so well together to create an auditory wonderland to get down to. Throw in the heavier-hitting electronic beats of Keys n Krates – the organizers of Sonic Bloom have really created us a well-rounded musical experience.

Bloom 2018 will truly be a weekend filled with eclectic sounds – the lineup is far too stacked to give each artists the recognition they deserve (Also, you’d never read an article that long, lets be real). Check out the rest of the lineup below, and if you’ve already purchased your ticket – We’ll meet you in the Unified Field, if not – You still have some time to snag your tickets and experience Sonic Bloom 2018 for yourself.


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